Some Lore Challenges Need Changes

I’ve taken Benedict to rank 15 and have not gotten a single completion for “The Tour” lore challenge. It is ridiculous. I don’t have any RL friends who are interested in the game and I don’t want to create a fake friends list for the sake of a poorly designed lore challenge. I’ve come to the conclusion I will never complete this lore challenge. For the love of good change the requirement to having to play with 2 other peackeepers instead of 3.

You have important pieces of gear that are locked away behind the these lore challenges. This is silly in a competitive pvp game.

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I do agree that some Lore need changes, but until then, if you go to PvE, ask peoples if they can help you with that (The best way is to do a Full Benedict team, so everyone get it done at the same time)
Personally i do help peoples with Lore challenges of that kind, and i know others do.

I ask almost every game but at most get like 1-2 people who will pick a peackeeper. I mean I can’t really blame randoms for not wanting to play heroes they don’t want to for a stranger.

Well, yeah, need a bit of luck.

Well there is a way in game to complete lore challenges such as those very quickly. However I am unsure if it was actually intended or not lol

Basically you can ask friends or even randoms for only a cpl mins of their time. Have everyone pick Benedict if that’s the lore your doing. That way everyone gets the lore completed. Make a Hardcore game, normal or advance doesn’t matter. Then pick say Renegade and just have everyone jump off the cliff and die. Match ends since you have no lives and you get credit for the lore. Repeat 5 times or whatever and bam, Done!

What system do you play on? Im ps4 and would gladly help knock this out for you. Could probably get a full group easy.

If I remember correctly this is one that is just play, not complete. So we can just private story algorith 5 times, suiciding at the start. Have it done in 10- 15 minutes with load times.