Some lore challenges not progressing in bot battles

Kelvin’s “Micro Macro Mist Me” does not appear to be progressing in Bot Battle. I may not be getting all 3 enemies but I’m pretty sure I am yet I’m not being notified in-match nor is progress being displayed on Kelvin’s lore screen for that challenge.

“Angel of Death” isn’t progressing in Bots Battle.

So for sure the kill Ambra 5 times as Gali doesn’t progress in bot matches? Because that’s the only Kill X Battleborn I’ve needed for a while now.

I thought the Bots Battle was counting for stats?

I know I haven’t completed it but the title screen says 0%. I know I’ve killed some . . .

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I haven’t gotten any ticks of Micro Macro Mist Me, I also haven’t gotten any for Kid Ultra hit 3 battleborn with Bola Lore. Not sure if it’s bugged or I am just really bad at PvP. If anyone could report if they have gotten these that would be helpful.

Surprised me but I totally did Ghalt in the new Bot mode, Master of Ghalt in one day. :wink:

update: Did Oscar Mike today, Bot Battles plus one Renegade = Master of Oscar Mike.

The number of times his bolas bounce was reduced in a previous update and since then, that challenge has become considerably more challenging for many players so don’t worry, it’s not you. That doesn’t mean it is not bugged though, I just don’t have that information.

Does anyone else have some insight on Kid Ultra or Kelvin progression in Bots Battle?

If I have time tonight and remember, I’ll test it on my PS4 account. PC already had it done, haha.

It seems that challenges that specify “Battleborn” rather than an individual character like Ambra or Oscar Mike count, but for whatever reason the bots only count as generic Battleborn and not their specific character. Both Micro Macro Mist Me and Kid’s triple snare challenge are harder once the initial spawn wave is done, since they require grouped up players and the bots have a bad tendency to split up and trickle feed.

A trick if you want to test. Be the only one in a lane and before ya know it 4 bots will be there with you :slight_smile: been playing with new players so I can tell ya from experience it works

Really? Cause I’ve never gotten that happen. I’ve even held one lane for an entire meltdown match and only ever got two at the most.

Then again I may just be one unlucky duck.

They don’t like me lol. They try to gang me if by myself
And Montana will always be there. I’m joking but they did always come in numbers if I was alone.

The Montana’s aimbot is brutal but if you get close to him, he just tries to quick melee you away. Easy way to nix him.

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Try using Gali or Alani. It kept sending 3-4 constantly in my lane

He doesn’t want to melee my Melka at all I tried that lol, he never let’s go of the trigger. If there isn’t an obstacle in the way he can even shoot you during claw lunge. People have been quitting matches all day if there was a Montana bot

Huh, he only ever tries to melee me. Strange (not so) little bot…

Yup it’s rather annoying when people quit the first time he kills them. How do they expect to get better if they just quit?

To be fair, a lot of folks are just looking for easy lore, not to sharpen their PvP skills.

Anyway, this is starting to hijack the topic so I’m going to end this here. Cheers!

Back to the subject Alani or Gali alone in Meltdown always brought me multiple hopefully it’ll work for your testing

Bots Battle isn’t recognizing the maps for Kleese’s lore.