Some lore challenges not progressing in bot battles

The “participate in killing [character] 5 times” and Ernest’s “25,000 damage to peacekeepers” lore challenges are not progressing in bot battles.

A friend was not seeing Ambra kills as Alani counting and I had the problem with Ernest. At this point, we’re guessing that none of the challenges that specify a character or faction are working, but have not had time to confirm any others (I’ve seen posts elsewhere saying Ambra kills as Galilea are also not counting, though).

I submitted a ticket via the 2K support site, but thought I’d post here as well to see if anyone can confirm problems with other lore challenges not working in bot battles.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I play on PC. I do not know if this is a problem on consoles.


Playing with x character will count but kill x character doesn’t

So far this is what is happening and many are mentioning it before the game.
I didn’t get any Kill X player but I did get credit on Deande for playing with Ambra.

Does the Ernest one need to all be done in a single match, perhaps? (Forgive my ignorance since I had written off the challenge before now.)

Or did they already have progress towards it? Maybe already having progress gets around the issue?

Are you sure? because yesterday I finished El Dragon’s Fired Up lore, which is kill 20 Battleborn while en Fuego, I don’t think killing x person should be that any different becuase AoD also counts.

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No, I did it in two matches. Not sure why it isn’t working for you, but I know the pain… Flashbacks to Orendi’s one lore challange pre-patch…

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Hmmm… Maybe I’ll try again tonight, then.

In any case, thank you for the info.

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Pretty sure WF’s lore challenge to participate in killing OM wasn’t working last night.

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It isn’t one of the lores you mentioned, but I got my Toby double kill lore done last night. The first time it didn’t count but the second it did so keep trying!

I’ve not gotten credit for killing x character with any character

I’ve been having this issue myself. I’ve been grinding through WF’s lore and managed to finish the “Mike, Check” challenge (150 critical hits against enemy Battleborn), but the “Going Alone” challenge (participate in killing OM 5 times) refuses to proc. This is getting a little frustrating as I’ve not been PvP too often largely for these reasons.

What’s more puzzling is that I’m also working on Pendles, and the challenge where you have you have kill 20 Battleborn while Miasma is active is chugging along nicely (I’d have beaten it already if people didn’t keep stealing my kills…). So why am I having issues with just the “Kill x Battleborn y times” challenge? :confused:

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Oh. I guess that makes sense from a programming perspective as they’re not actually enemy Ambra’s, although they may have coded them to count as enemies. Sad. Also welcome to the forums! Glad to have new people after “Boldurs axe” killed a few last month. :hammer::sweat:


Tried doing this one today. Definitely assisted in or killed Oscar Mike more than 5 times but still sitting at 0 for the lore challenge. :frowning:

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The Frienemies challenge isn’t working either as I’ve had loads of kills and assist against Ambra as Galiea but none have counted :frowning:.

As a side note, I would love Bots Battle to become a regular thing as it has taken out most of the frustration from trying to get my Platinum trophy on the PS4 :slight_smile:.


My problem with Ernest’s lore does indeed appear to have resolved itself over night. Thanks again for the input!

One more thing, although I feel like this one might have been done on purpose, is that Overgrowth never appears on the map voting. I can understand why but it’s kind of annoying because it’s the only PvP map I have left for Kleese. :slight_frown: Either that, or it pops up as an option so rarely, that after a day of playing I’ve still not seen it.


I have a feeling that they’re prioritizing the Capture and Metldown maps over the Incursion maps, since many people complain that in QM they only ever get Incursion when it’s available in the voting. I have definitely noticed that Incursion seems to pop up less often, but of course chance is chance and anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.

What do you mean? Incursion is in a queue of its own.

Ah, right, PS4. PC only has QM (and now bot matches) with all the modes mixed together. I forget about that all the time.

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Oh my bad. I can still understand why though.

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