Some lore requires PS Plus to complete

Love the game, been playing since the open beta. However, I’m frustrated by the fact that some lore requires purchase of PS Plus to complete, namely the ones with requirements that need to be satisfied via Versus Public or Story Public as opposed to private. I feel this is a small but major design oversight. I understand that this is an online-skewed game, and there may not be many people who intended to buy this game without already having PS Plus. But I don’t have PS Plus and mostly intended to play this alone or couch co-op with my wife. The open beta did not have this gate for its public modes. I understand the other pay models in the game, but I do not think this was planned to be part of those as this is requiring me to purchase a Sony service and not a 2K or GBX service. Even still, it is disappointing that this purchase requirement prevents me from completing these lores, which in turn prevents me from unlocking other rewards. To me lore is not supplementary to the core game, like a premium skin or something that might be given via a shift code. These public lore challenges are passively convenient for PS Plus users but impossible for those who don’t have it. Out of 26 battleborn, the only lore I am able to 100% complete without buying PS Plus are Ambra, Orendi, and Toby’s.

Not having private mode gameplay count towards lore seemed to be a deliberate decision, otherwise that seems like a doable fix. Perhaps making PS Plus not a requirement to play public modes is a solution, though I don’t know if that’s a deliberate decision as well. At the very least, here is a list of the lore so far which requires public modes (and therefore PS Plus) to complete:


  • Another Million and We’re Even
  • Hellician Hellraisers
  • The Lifeguards Have Given Up


  • Ascent from the Pits


  • Help for a Grounded Recruit
  • The Tour


  • Woodsworn


  • Three-to-one Contact


  • The Seeds of Secret Orders


  • Fired Up
  • Armed and Handsomest


  • Sisterhood
  • Frienemies


  • The First Battleborn
  • Ghalt’s Call
  • First Round Draft Picks


  • Warning: Rogue Magnus


  • Miko Are All My Friends
  • Micro Macro Mist Me


  • Ride of the Battle Throne
  • I Care About You. No, Really.


  • To Serve Man
  • Overprotective


  • Heeding the Call


  • Two’s a Crowd
  • Sowing Destruction
  • Hats Off to the Healer


  • War Is Bliss


  • From Yer Best Bud


  • My Butler Buddy


  • Thank You Letter


  • The Signal


  • Mentor for Monsters
  • Fetch Me a Symbiote


  • Spry Sprite Spray
  • Granddaughter of Stone


  • Mike, Check
  • Sticky Situations
  • Going Alone

I hope this issue is received, as I do enjoy the game and was otherwise happy with my purchase.

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I thought the entire game required ps plus to even play, considering it’s an always online game :open_mouth:

Yeah I checked the back of the box and it says PS Plus is required for online multiplayer, which I didn’t expect but is understandable. I did expect that I would have to be online to play (title screen requires PSN sign in, as was my experience with Destiny on PS3), but not that I would have to have PS Plus. The thing is I preordered the game during open beta because I had so much fun with all the modes and didn’t give PS Plus a second thought, so I guess it’s arguable that I didn’t read the fine print or make the right assumptions. “Beta build is not the finished product” and all that caveat emptor stuff.

I can let go of not being able to play public multiplayer as it warns me in the fine print on the back of the box…maybe that’s out of GBX’s hands for them to get a PS4 port. But not being able to complete the lore challenges after I paid for the full game just feels bad, like there’s a disconnect. In order to unlock Attikus’ legendary gear, I have to complete his lore challenges, but I can’t complete one of them unless I play a public match in Echelon, which I can’t do unless I have PS Plus. I can make a private match, but it doesn’t count. I think it was meant to incentivize online multiplayer which isn’t bad, but it ends up gated by this pay wall which to me is bad. It doesn’t seem intentional, more like an oversight. I’m not looking to 100% every nook and cranny, just complete the major story stuff on local co-op. I want to finish each character’s story because I like them all so much, which I find is rare in games these days. As it stands I can only complete the lore of 3 battleborn, and the rest I cannot complete which hampers much of my motivation to keep playing.