Some Minor Glitches

After about 60 hours of gameplay on the PS4 version of Battleborn, I have encountered a few fairly small glitches that I would like to report. I have not seen them mentioned elsewhere. Then again, maybe I am just missing something. Feel free to redirect me if I am!

Mode: Incursion
Map: Overgrowth
Issue: During pre-game, the screen on which Nova explains the rules of the game mode (in front of the main entrance into the map) is permeable; it can be walked through, unlike the screens on other maps or game modes.

Mode: Campaign
Mission: The Saboteur and The Sentinel (Multiplayer)
Issue: Waves of enemies eventually cease to appear, but they remain present on the mini-map. Thus, the mission is at a standstill. I have noticed that this glitch seems to occur fairly randomly, but I have experienced it only on the two aforementioned missions. On The Sentinel, this glitch generally works itself out after a few minutes of waiting. On The Saboteur, however, this is not the case. I have noticed that this glitch occurs in the middle of the first wave, and if you stand atop some of the crates, you can peer out of the building openings and see the mini-map identified enemy, but it is only a Jennerit Accelerator. It can be destroyed by a long-ranged Battleborn, but another one simply spawns nearby and the enemy progress bar does not relinquish. You are essentially forced to leave the match.

Mode: Meltdown
Mission: Paradise
Issue: Gear activation panel is sometimes unresponsive, even if a sufficient amount of shards needed to activate a piece of gear are present. Death does not always provide the fix. This glitch seems to occur randomly, but I have only personally experienced it at Paradise.

Character: Caldarius
Issue: The Lore challenge, ‘A Vision of Solitude’, requests that you kill 200 blinded enemies. However, the stat tracking system does not register kills of blinded enemies unless the kill is achieved with the helix augment ‘Flash Barrage’, in which Caldarius fires three grenades in rapid succession.

It does track kills without Flash Barrage, I don’t use this helix but still get my kills.

But it’s definitely unclear to me how/when it actually works. I use the grenade constantly (as I suppose every Caldy player does), but only get like 10-15 kills per PVE mission to count toward lore challenge.

Maybe it’s just easier to perform. First grenade blinds enemies but don’t kill them while next grenades do the final hit and voila. I’d try this.

Does it happen often? Maybe you should just wait a bit longer?