Some Minor Q.O.L Changes / Issues

I don’t know how many of you are affected by this or have noticed that this happens in Game?

    • but in Multiplayer mode / Co Op - Whoever is NOT the Host suffers from driving mechanics being completely absent in the game. - the vehicles would rubber band, the physics just are not there?
    • NPC’s on Sanctuary - Yeah, we get it - there are NPC’s on Sanctuary, but for the Love of Marcus would you please keep them out of our room? - I have frequently encountered that they would just stand in your door blocking access to your room and Vault.
    • Fl4Ks pet…- this guy, seriously - He would be walking over loot preventing it from being picked up. - >?< (Jabber) - and can we tone down his sound please- he has the most irritating bloody sound of all the Pets.
    • On some stages on the Proving grounds - Specific one with the Guy that Throws the Bandit wheels, if they hit an object and get stuck, that sound just loops over and over and over again.
    • The Lag - please the Menu Lag is just Sad.
    • For the Collectors - Can we either get an SDU upgrade / or a Vault Upgrade - Space wise or a Vault for each weapon type / loot type in the Vault?

Flaks pets are just infuriating and I’m a moze main.
Everytime someone joins with him I just sigh out of dread. Why does this supposedly domesticated spiderant want nothing better than to stand in front of me ?
Not flak, not the enemies, me. Blocking my bullets, hiding enemies from view, obscuring loot, being a general nuisance. They’re just way too huge and poorly guided, the need to either be cut to half the size or have their ai fixed to stay out of our way. Or just let me shoot it so I can get rid of the eyesore.


This is an irritation I agree.

Also just let us straight up skip to TVHM on subsequent playthroughs, I am so done with playing through the story with every single character.

I am borderline about to save edit to skip the story that is how much it annoys me. Level balancing was advertised yet we don’t actually get it till TVHM which is a bit of false advertising I can forgive if they let us skip to TVHM on new characters, let me use Mayhem immediately.

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They should do what they did in D3. Make the pets transparent for other people in the game.
I think it was D3 that did it, not sure since it’s been a while since I played that game.
Running a group of Witch Doctors with tooons of pets was really annoying tbh, so they made them transparent, way better. You can still see your own pets though, just not your coop players.

Also, the NPC standing in the door thing, so annoying lol. If it happens, I just save/quit and restart.

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For the love all things beautiful I can Not agree More about how annoying that mf Jabber can be. I would just have to rush thru selling everything to the vendors instead of actually taking my time to decide, Only bc I couldn’t stand to hear that dam Jabber snorting and yelling the whole time. It is infuriating. And yes, PLZ let us skip cutscenes… I’m beginning to memorize the script.

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That too, would be a major improvement, I’m only on my 2nd playthrough atm, going through TVHM, and I’m already annoyed by it.

  1. Cant say this is happening for me. My wife usually hosts (becasue when I do our game takes a dump and becomes unplayable, with her as host we both actually improve…very strange) but hates to drive vehicles of any kind. So I m usually sitting at the wheel and I gotta say response as well as overall behavior is much better then in BL2

  2. Also never had an issue with this apart from the first time when you free crew members locked in there by Claptrap. Theres always 1 of them lingering in the door frame denying entrance but after this I never had a NPC standing in the room or blocking the entrance. I play multiple classes at various levels right now so I visit Sanctuary a lot.

  3. Yup you got my support on this. Menu and inventory lag is really bad.

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Question - do you drive together in the same vehicle or do you use two separate vehicles?

found that when you use 2 vehicles, whoever is NOT the host, has basically no vehicle physics what so ever.

Usually one vehicle with me at the steering wheel and her chillaxing or going AFK. But we also had two cars out and rocking the zone before…Worked fine either way.

One car works, We usually do that due to this issue,

but if I am Not the host, I lose all physics pertaining to the vehicle and the functionality there of.

Regarding 3.: I haven’t played as FL4K yet (nor played co-op with one), but I imagine one change that’d help a lot is if the pet would back up when a player runs up against it. This would prevent them from blocking doorways. Perhaps the same could be applied all friendly NPCs.