Some missions way too long without save points [RESOLVED]

Playing games often is personally as episodic as the game itself. Life is going on while you play, and sometimes you just have to leave for a while.

Some missions in BL3 do not support the game player well in this. I’ll use (without spoilers) Space Laser Tag as an example.
Once you get to the final area for this mission, it’s more than an hour to work through it. I’m moderately good, and didn’t die, and it still took a heck fire long time.
Which is fine, if there are points at which you can save and walk away for a bit.
Borderlands 2 had some very long missions also, but there were points to save and quit for the evening or whatever. Dam Fine rescue, for example, is a long slog. But halfway through there is a transition to another area, and you can save, quit, and continue later.
Space Laser doesn’t allow this. You must complete, or you will have to come back and do the whole thing again for another hour or so.
One transition point, or a Fast Travel in the middle of the map, would alleviate this, and be a much better experience.
Yes you can go to the pause menu and just let the game idle, but that’s not a good solution.
I really think some of the longer missions need to be re-designed to have the ability for a player to save progress and quit. Life happens, whether it’s paying attention to your family, going to work, going to school, or whatever, give the player some relief.
And I haven’t even touched on the reality that there are zero vendors in that map, which adds to the stress. There are plenty of chests, so I didn’t run out of ammo until the final boss, but there was no way to unload gear you had picked up.

Re-thinking some of these maps/missions with an eye towards (using Gearbox’s words) livability and fit with real-world activities and responsibilities would be good.


Are you sure there’s no random autosave hub? I feel like there’s always autosave hubs throughout the game. They aren’t always by vendors or fast travels and can be anywhere on the map.

I will give you the advice I was once given by an old sage man : Git Gud Son.

I am not really that good at shooter and I managed to get through the whole story without too much issue. I feel like a BL3 is highly dependent on the RNG you get. If you get a really good gun early, it’s super easy. If you are not that lucky, you might that experience tougher.

That’s not what Raven was talking about. He’s talking about missions being occasionally too long for anyone that has a job, friends, or family to handle neatly.

I thought if you save-quit and restarted, you were supposed to respawn at the last save point - FT, map, or NewU - that you passed. Is that not working on this particular map, or are there really no such things in the final area?

Not a matter of being good. As I said, I completed the mission without dying and in a relatively sprightly manner, though I did do the side mission included in that area.
This isn’t about being good or mission difficulty, this is simply about long stretches of time that many players don’t have (I’m fortunate that I do, as you probably do also) and providing them a way to take a break.

New-U’s are there for respawns if you die, but not re-start points if you quit out. Only transition points (travel walls) and fast travels save state.

I found there is a lot of saved area. Of they are located near a catch a ride or a vending machine. Also the game always provide you with a save point after a fight with an high amount of enemies or difficult section.

Yup, after. In this case an hour and 10 minutes (or so) after you entered. That’s quite a bit.

I don’t remember being that long at any given time. Like I’ve mention, RNG plays a big role in this game. Once I got a few OP weapon, enemies were no longer bullet sponge and I was mowing through them much quicker.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t noticed the auto-save stations that save just by walking by them. I guarantee there is one. This is how people commonly save/quit/restart to farm loot tinks and etc.

I believe , and operate on this assumption, that those work the same way they do in BL1 &2. Those save points are for re-spawning if you die during a run, not for saving state, quitting, and coming back to that point.
Those save/quit/restore points are fast travels and map transitions (as in BL1 & 2).

I will certainly double-check that when I get home this afternoon,

Incorrect. New-Us are save points. I’ve quit out of the game next to them multiple times. When I restart and continue, that’s where my character is. Every. Time.

This was not true in BL2.

Well that would certainly be nice! And I take back the topic if that is true. Again, I’ll try tonight (since I have to see it to believe it) and comment again.

For example, before you enter the jacobs estate, before you take the moving bridge there’s a loot tink that when you kill gives alot of loot and hes right next to the auto-save station. You can kill and loot, quit, and reload your game and you will spawn there for ez farming.

I am on the exact same level as you, and had to leave for work. Got to the New-U just after turning off the big rocket booster. Saved and quit. Reloaded to make sure (plus there is a chest back there :wink:) and started up right at that spot.


I guess I have just never tried, since BL1, BL2, and TPS had taught me a certain behavior . If it’s changed I’m a happy guy.


We aimed to please :slight_smile:

Came home early just to test this (well, really cuz I have no more meetings today and can do everything else though email while blasting enemies) and confirmed what many of you already confirmed, New-U’s do respawn you at them during a save/quit/rejoin cycle.
So forget everything I said in this thread.

Quite happy about this, actually, make things Better.

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Enjoy my friend

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