Some modifiers need to take some ajustment(feedback)

it’a completely crazy, when a zone have Anointed Fanatic(2) , Badass Fanatic(2), Badass Enforcer… etc upper classes NPC, and a NPC ( current event)would spawn several "dwarf , under Freeze Tag or Post Mortem and Mob Mentality . basically, it is not reasonable and playable under such situation.

it’s not related to hardness or not, but a crazy and insane , the freeze tag effect too wide, if u have no immune , shielf is completely broken on one touch, then it can have several in a time, then around Anointed Fanatic, Badass Fanatic etc, player completed have no chance to survive .

i may skip the details, as u played u know how painful in such situation under MH6 on some area in razor , esp konad’s hold.

i think a modifier like Freeze Tag or Post Mortem, should not keep following but freely movin only( or randomly focus on units),and it can damage any units not just player. Mob Mentality should have a time interval, so players have time to recovery their shield etc, it’s too hard to survive, if they are dwarf , knife badass and animal etc, as they one hit one break the shield . it’s completely crazy if around the Cartels, three boss in the same time.

and the mix of modifier is so less, like i said, there always got freeze tag or alike type modifier with Mob Mentality, it’s a crazy mix, players can’t recover their shield, and it’s not MH10, i do think MH6 is harder than MH10. MH10 just high boost on NPC’s HP etc, but in MH6 or 9 etc, NPC number is larger than MH10, and variety of NPC mix is intant, completely see all of them in one zone or stage.

i think modifier have some bug on active above MH6 . i have no any gun can got full elemental damage across all brands, down 80%!!! do there was resistance active on NPC? for an example there was a modifier, 3% ,20 tier, that means 80% off.

just like what i encounted, but i didn’t use such modifier , so how can NPC have damage reduction to player!!!, it happen on elemental and base DPS, almost reached 80% , the higher debuff u can have in a game (besides 90%) .

Are you sure these aren’t the enemies appearing because of the Cartel event? Remember that the Cartel event is also making the game harder at the moment.

go to check konad’s hold, u will see how crazy it’s , on MH6 , wiht modifier, Freeze Tag and Mob Mentality, then u just use Lootspolosion.

PS: i am using boost luck cut 75%HP artifact

Freeze Tag ball if its HP will be decreaing each time it brust and the time is running, would be better

Buddy System drones should count as enemies by your weapons. Reflux beams can chain from the drones but not to them. Atlas grenade trackers dont consider them as enemies too. It really interrupts the combat loop of some weapons.