Some More Galilea Questions

So I know that I already posted a post (that was redundant) about Galilea (big thanks to everyone who replied with some advice), but I thought I would ask about what are some stupid mistakes that are commonly made by Galilea players and what can I do to avoid them?

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Biggest mistakes as a Gal player are to:

  • Miss with the shield toss. Happens with everyone but it changes the entire encounter if you miss. Often skill chain is to Desecrate > 2-3 attacks> Shield Toss a single target >Spam attack. If you initiate with Shield Toss be sure to Body Block before you Desecrate.

  • Not know character matchups. Contrary to what the forums perpetuate, Galilea isn’t an “I Win” button against everyone. She’s susceptible to ranged characters that are aware of her.

  • Overextend because of Wraith mode.

Thanks for that. I have been really struggling so far with finishing people off and then getting killed trying to chase them down. I will work on body blocking some more, but that combo you said will probably help somewhat with that.

That combo isn’t carved in stone though and don’t chase if it puts you at risk. Sounds like you’re overextending a lot trying to secure a kill. Map/lane dominance is more important than any one kill. Remember Incursion isn’t a team Deathmatch mode, it’s about pushing creep minnions and sacking sentries. Gal doesn’t become more Assassin-y until mid-late game where her movement speed/attack speed/attack range increases.

This might seem like a stupid question but, do you know how to teleport back to base to full heal?

I figured out the teleporting back to base a while ago. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I end up doing in some games. :stuck_out_tongue:

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