Some more info on Ernest

On the xbox one. Ernest’s lore achievement is up. Showing him holding some sort of bomb, and a more interesting thing. His grenade launcher shoot blue shells. Maybe they heal and damage like how Carla was in Evolve?
(I would show it but I’m on mobile right now.)

I’m hopin it’s that. Buuuuut, people would say they’re just copying Overwatch and their damaging healer.

Like Overwatch invented Damaging healers or something.

Its a thing that has been done for years, This game will be compared to other games by people who dont know what they are talking about.


Or you can switch between an impact detonator, and a remote detonator.

I had a response, but after writing it out I realized you were right.

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Lol, Carla from Evolve… it’s Caira. But anyway she is awesome in the right hands. She was my girl til Slim came out. I would love a grenade healer in BB. The problem is he’s called a demobird or bombirdier and nothing about those titles says support unfortunately.

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What I find most funny about that is that DirtyBomb had a healer/sniper first: Sparks. She has a revive gun that she uses to revive at a range that can also be used to snipe people. She also has mini meds she can used to throw a fair distance to allies.

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I don’t know if most of those other examples can beat the hilarity of lobbing MIRV grenades and rockets at my friends to fully heal them though

The info that we have on Ernest so far lists him as a Defender, not a Supporter.

Right?! I read “Carla” and grimaced. Caira, Slim and Emet were the only medics I was mildly competent with. I feel like Alani is probably the closest thing we have to Caira in this game, but I would like to see more support options.

Hope not. If he’s a healer then he’ll have nerf grenades. I want Torgue worthy EXPLOSIONNNNNSSSS!!!


BADASS EXPLOSSSSIOOOOOOONS!!! (Plays sweet riff on guitar with tongue)

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Then over watch got nearly all their character ideas from battle born.

Honestly, with Pharah and Ben, and a few other noticeable comparisons, I just don’t know.

Actually. Both games were in development at about the same time so no did could’ve ACTUALLY copied anyone.

IK, that’s what makes me wonder how a flying rocket launcher is so obvious to devs.

With the write-up in the new Battleplan today it really looks like Ernest will be the trap-defender, using timed and triggered bombs to wreck waves. It describes him as a “brilliant tactician” with an “outside the box approach.” Methinks he’ll be VERY tricky to use. It also says he’s big on “duty and honor.”

So the bright plumage of his default character model would be supported by being descended from an Aviant race of songbirds (which would also account for the somewhat pooky, small-hitbox model), but I’m really kind of hoping Ernest has a smooth but full baritone voice rather than being squeaky. It’d definitely lend itself better to speeches about duty and honor, and if he did a little Dean Martin-esque crooning, I also would not hate it.

I’m in the process of creating Ernest’s wiki page in thanks to Ell from GBX. I should have his helix, mutations, and icons up sometime this weekend hopefully. I’ll add more information as I get it.


Probably has to do with the infamy of rocket jumping in older FPSes. Modern developers just went “Ok let’s kinda keep that but without trying to kill yourself to do it”

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