Some Nel Questions

Guys, i have yet to fight Nel, but i want to, soon.

Couple quedtions:

Where are the D snd the K?

What level does he spawn at in Normal / TVHM?

I dont want to watch any vids for fear of fight spoilers.

Same as Iwa. In other words, don’t do it with your level 6 Wilhelm that I saw you are playing as through PSN!

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Good to know.

Now, where are the letters?

At normal IIRC 35, in TVHM 50.
Beaten by a @ACNAero ninja!
DK is in the jungle by bananas
From the wiki: “In order to fight Nel two large signs with the letters “D” and “K” must be retrieved from tops of two buildings - the leaning tower to the east, and the IC 57 building just south of Nel.”
Hard to elaborate more on which two towers but it is correct, they are on top of two buildings and for both you’ll need to use your jump boost and have a bit of finesse doing it because although there will be “ledges” to land on they won’t be too big.

I have had to use grenade jumps to get the letters personally.

Your best bet is probably a YouTube video showing how and where to grab them.

Just below the catch a ride station, there’s a somewhat tall building and a rock covering an oxygen geyser. Run right at the building, use the geyser and double jump on to a pipe jutting out to the left of the building. Traverse to the top to find the D.

For the K, go to where you turned in the mission for Tom Thorson and got the red chest. Run around to the other side of the platform. You will see some large bolt like protrusions sticking out and a pipe similar to the start of getting the D (teehee). Jump up those. Eventually you will get to a point where you can run up the side of this building, the K is up top. Place the letters.

I strongly recommend an oz kit that boosts air control. I tried this, no joke, 100 times without one and it’s not worth it. Equip an EDDIE and it becomes super easy.

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Were you Claptrap? I have a fairly easy time so maybe being a bit shorter makes a difference for guiding or landing to/on the “ledges”.

Don’t forget to do the last request mission first.

I’ve done it as Claptrap, Nisha, Athena, Timothy and Aurelia. Only character I don’t think I have was Wilhelm.

If i HAVE to use Grennjumping to do it, i doubt I’ll do it!

I’m SO BAD at gren jumping!

No grenade jumping required, just a light touch and some well timed air boosts from your Oz kit.


The letter on the side where you turn in Last Requests is really easy to get, just loop around the back and you’ll see an incline you can walk up. The other one takes practice and patience, and I still screw it up occasionally because the “building” is angled, so you have to jump up and out.

FYI: beware, on TVHM, they all spawn around lv. 50 so do not attempt it when you first go through!!!

The jumps on the tower by the lava are the hardest. That is the most frustrating part of the whole Nel thing.

I assume the air vent, then going around back is the only way. I guess I need too look up some vids.