Some new breed of cheaters?

Damnit i can never get any of this on video but it happened to me twice today.

First game i was playing against a miko as el dragon.

I had the helix to slow enemies when i hit them with clothesline.

I would hit this miko with clothesline but somehow she would never get slowed by it… checked her gear and she had no gear activated yet

Then just now I was playing against alani as rath… i knocked her up in the air and she somehow instantly vanished… i was confused so i looked around to see her like 15 feet behind me… yet again she had no gear activated.

anyone else seen this?

this is the second time ive seen players be immune to cc, but the first time i saw anyone (besides phoebe) teleport like that.

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Maybe a server error? My game has been acting wonky even when it tells me I have green bars.

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Possible lag? You check their connection bar at all? Not sure.

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First guess would be lag, but then, I haven’t read yet how the servers handle hit registration and such. I’m accustomed to MWO’s HSR system, which isn’t bad.

But I saw this a lot in the Open Beta (and it’s the singular reason that I didn’t preorder, and I held off on buying until the first sale). Even playing a solo private Story Mode mission, I had a LOT of lag skip and straight-up teleporting when the connection went slow. Basically, the game was unplayable at certain times of day, or when the kids were streaming something on NetFlix. Needing a server connection to even play solo PvE is kinda disappointing, though I understand why they do it that way.

But yeah, first guess would be the connection. See if you can find the IP addy for a game server, and run a traceroute. See if you’ve got any problems there. If NOT, then you may have a case, and should probably run that up the tech support flagpole.

Other people have complained about similar things. No idea for sure, but it does seem like lag is a possibility.

Miko has a speed activation on hit that actually cleanses all slows on it at the time. It mad annoying.