Some new bugs after 6.25update

First: In the last two updates, the UI will not be able to zoom. After the June 19th update, the UI has zoom options but does not take effect. This time I couldn’t even find where the zoom options are.
Second:血阳峡谷(I don’t know what its name is in the English version ,just the second map) can’t be marked (use Q ).

Was going to make a thread also but I’ll add it here. Two I have and on xbox is sound, it comes and goes and even after a task is complete old lines are repeated. Second is the vehicle stations we need more but after I have a vehicle added it doesn’t show up, in fact I’ve had two read but my vehicle inventory is blank. Ill add more if I find any.

This has been happening on and off for a long time, unfortunately - it certainly isn’t specific to the latest update or DLC3.

Yeah, seen multiple posts of issues with this on all platforms. It does seem pretty random as to who it affects though - that’s going to be a pain to debug.

One thing I’ve noticed is that for your in game mail all guns look like the Hammerbuster in the Accept/Decline window, regardless of what it might be (I’m playing on XBox BTW).


Same here, also on Xbox.

Here’s a bug for you with Jacobs pistols and ARs. Loaded up my Moze Friday, and see that her M10 Lvl57 Clairvoyance, which used to do 13405 damage, now does over 17k, and her M10 Lvel 57 Maggie which was at 2167x6 now does a little over 2500x 6, and I think, cool. Go to the Cistern, and level up, and then go try to farm a new Clairvoyance. First couple runs, nothing, save/quitting on PS4, and one drops in the 3rd run, I look at it, and it’s M10 Lvl60 at only 11.7k. First I’m thinking stupid parts, then I notice that my comparison card for my currently equipped old Clairvoyance shows my old 13405. So I go into my inventory, thinking the hotfix didn’t apply, but my Maggie is now at 3290x6? So I save quit, go back in, same stats. Close the app, reload the game, and Clairvoyance is back to 17k, and Maggie is back to 2500x6. Tried it several times, on all characters, when you first load a game, Jacobs ARs are significantly boosted, and pistols are nicely boosted, but if you save/quit, you lose the boost on the ARs, but the pistols jump a lot. It only seems to affect Jacobs pistols and ARs, all others that I have stay the same (even the new Stonethrower from the DLC was at 16k when I got it last night, but after a save quit is only 12k. I’ve submitted a ticket, but only resolution is to try to clear cache and all of that, but I’ve literally uninstalled/reinstalled the game and patch, and cleared cache, and it does it every time. I have to make a video showing all of this, now, and add it to my ticket, we’ll see what they say after that.

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Also when you mail an item, all the icons/avatars for your friends are a simple white silhouette.

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Played the Bounty DLC on M10 with 2 of my Vault Hunters, then wanted to hurry through it with the others and dialed down to M1.

I didn’t even think about the modifier, and now every story NPC has a Galaxy Brain model.
The haunting atmosphere, the gritty storytelling, a narrative saturated with death and vengeance meted out by gunslingers whose chaps are stained with dust and blood - it’s pure comedy, like someone made a meme mod in a Bethesda game.

Meeting Rose for the first time and hearing her whistle the melody which returns at a pivotal moment in the story was quite the experience…

As much of a complaint as a bug report I guess, I mean - Jesus.
Such stellar work by the artists on this DLC and the modifier nonsense turns it into a travesty.

guardian rank tree can’t be scrolled…

i have to plug in my controller on PC in order to enable/disable the new perks… -_- (can’t even click the friggin arrow)

an other quality adition to the game… but at least it doesn’t completely brake the game…

Quest rewards in DLC 3 (maybe the entire game) aren’t guaranteed to be annointed on Mayhem 10. I got 3 non-anointed Quest rewards in the latest DLC. smh

Quest rewards have often been non-anointed. This isn’t anything new. Unfortunately it means that the item is going to be useless for most people.

Yeah i haven’t played in like over a month or so…and when I came back I thought they had made it so all items at Mayhem 10 were anointed. At least I see that the grenades, chests, and vending machines are scaled now.

They did but that doesn’t include quest items unfortunately.

The slider for the UI scale was removed with the DLC 3 updated. No reason was given, but the slider was broken during the previous patch.

There are also several options in the Visuals on PC that no longer function correctly. Particularly the framerate limit options are all mixed up and incorrect.

FOV on PC can also randomly reset while switching characters at the main menu.

Several maps have a bug where the host cannot set a custom waypoint (I’ll list them shortly).

You can also experience a visual bug where your running animation is incorrect (player looks like they’re crouched to others and the player runs with their weapon forward in First-Person). This seems to be permanent for that character.

Iron Bear can also get launched sky-high the air if you jump and land on an enemy’s head.