(SOME NEW STUFF) Lot's to Trade Here Boys

I updated my seemingly ever-growing list of stuff. Check it out.

I’m looking for the new stuff, the Maliwan Takedown loot and the new Mayhem 4 legendaries. Still updating my list as new stuff comes in so bare with me.

I want your radiation transformer, anything specific from the takedown you want? I got quite a bit

Interested in your Ice Breaker Victory Rush, Maggie and Corrosive Crossroad. What are you looking for in return?

I want a Kyb’s Wrath, if you got a spare.

Do you have any stuff for fallout fl4k? I can give you all three of those for some gamma burst fl4k stuff.

What would you want for your binary corrosive kybs worth ?

New legendaries, the mayhem 4 and takedown ones

I can trade you a corrosive moonfire for your corrosive kyb worth

That sounds like a trade.

I don’t, unfortunately. I run with Amara and Zane. Sorry

I see someone else was interested too, but I am interested in the Maggie. Also the ASE brainstormer. You want fl4k items, i see. Any particular annointments?

65% Gamma Burst annointments.

It’s all good. Do you have any of the new legendaries?