Some Newb Questions

Hi Guys, I’ve got some questions regarding my first pre-order… on Windows PC

I’m searching the internet for pros and cons as to where to buy Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition… and I’d appreciate your input.

What’s on my mind right now though are 2 main questions:

  1. Will buying it from 2k store allow me to play it like totally offline, no 3rd party apps needed?
    (well I see EpicGames has offline mode now… but I’d like to buy it no partner app or DRM?)

  2. If I buy it off 2K store, will I still be able to play with people who buy it from Epic Games?

“bonus” question… how can Epic doesn’t state how long I can be offline and still play games bought off their platform… anyone know how long? (I don’t have a reliable internet connection and can be off the internet for months)

I’m not 100% sure but I think it’ll end up requiring the Epic Store / Epic Launcher and have the Denuvo DRM.

I’ve not been keeping up with the finer details about Epic store, 2K store and how it all works. But I do think we’ve had a few threads cover this already, I’ll see if I can find a link to them.

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If you buy it off the 2K store you will still end up getting an Epic copy of the game. You should be able to play with other Epic users.


neat! I’d love to get my hands on more info. :smiley:

A link to the specific search for them.

^ this one looks as though 2K will send a redemption code out for the Epic Store.

Might have some information in this one.

And this last post here might be the answer you want too.


The game is slated to be an Epic game store exclusive for the first 6 months on launch. As such any PC pre-orders done regardless of purchase location will likely require an Epic Games account and the launcher to play. I think the 2K store page will actually send you to the Epic Games Store Page if you try to buy it on PC.

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Hi UkyoSonoda,

Nope, tried it, didn’t… apparently, 2K charges 99 pounds/Euro (sorry, my currency vocab is bad).
Epic sells it for a lot less though.
[EDIT: A thread above indicates you’re right. My bad and thank for the heads up!]

Yay! I really appreciate this and will go through each thread later in the day. Thanks a lot @Tokesy97!

Hi guys,

I’m gonna wrap my request for information with an update.
So, I pre-ordered via Epic Games, I mean, maybe I’d end up wanting to play with others early on and do not want to have to go through the hassle of linking it to Epic from 2K.

Thanks heaps for all the info and see ya in BL3!