Some observations

I’m a casual gamer. I love to lose myself in the Borderlands games; I think they’re the best games ever. My impressions for BL3:

The maps are beautiful. The artwork seems to keep the basic feel of the original, with major exceptions for the new planets, heh. But overall, I’m pretty blown away by the visuals of the game.

The playable characters are all fun to play: I like to vary my play style, so I have lots of choices with the new chars and especially the new expanded skill trees. They offer a lot of experimentation possibilities.

The number of weapons is so vast, I haven’t really used very many of them yet. I seem to keep defaulting to Torgue shotguns, sniper rifles, Atlas rifles and whatever ‘trick’ weapons I run across.
(For example, I just had a ‘True Monocle’ sniper rifle world-drop after beating a basic badass enemy. This is by far the best weapon I’ve ever come across.
It’s the absolute perfect Jakobs sniper with a 14.9x scope and perfect stability and damage. This level 5 rifle was effective all the way to level 20.)
A lot of the legendary rarity wepons are actually really good in this game; not all of them by any means, but enough to make me happy to try them when they appear.
Personally I never use launchers, so I don’t even know whether they’re any good yet, lol.

I love to explore, and my favorite part of gaming is exploration of all the nooks and crannies whenever I can. So far, I’ve been happy with the amount of exploration in BL3.
I also discovered on my own that the cube on Nekrotefayo can be farmed and got a huge kick out of that.

Okay, so basically I think BL3 could be a classic.

Drawbacks for me:

~It’s quite a taxing game for system resources. I had to upgrade to 16 gigs of RAM to get the game to run well, and still occasionally get frame drops and laggy play that lasts for a couple of minutes before self-correcting.(?)

~I’ve had the game crash many times now. The first month or two were a constant battle to get the game to not be a bug-fest; it’s gradually getting much better, but still sometimes crashes for no apparent reason.

~My biggest complaint might not make sense to anyone but me. Using the voice of Bob Goldthwaite for KillaVolt didn’t bother me at all. But when Ice-T appeared, I thought, “Oh, man, I play to get away from annoying things in the world, and here they’re using a voice of someone who irl is one of my least favorite people.” Then came Penn Jillette’s voice, another one of my least favorite people.
It kind of burst my little fantasy-world bubble when they used “celebrity” voice actors.

Anyway, Gearbox, I think I really like the game, but it still needs some smoothing out; I don’t want to have to spend a thousand bucks for a monster spec computer just to handle the heavy load of this new game. Waaaah.

That’s my 2 cents so far.


I dont have the same issues with penn jilette or Ice-T so I found their inclusion enjoyable, but otherwise I agree with what youre saying. This game doesnt get enough credit for the amazing things it does all across the board. With improvements with nearly all game mechanics, visuals, interactivity, etc. this game is a massive leap forward from 2. Im on console so I deal with some typical load lag, but the crashes arent frequent for me. But, patches are seeming to iron out the bad stuff. I a loving this game so far, and Im glad to see others enjoying it too


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah. This is a really good game. I see a lot of people wanting something more or different.
It can’t be ‘all things to all people’, although it seems Gearbox has tried to do just that.

My sense is that it will get smoother with time, and meanwhile I’m enjoying it very much.

Well they do need to try to appeal to as many people as possible to get sales, but borderlands has always been pretty niche. But they have been pumping out great content and patches for the game. Have you played the dlc yet? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it. The level of quality of bonus content is very high here, vastly outdoing what bl2 had in its first dlcs

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I haven’t playrd any of the dlc yet, but now l am off to get it and play it!


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That’s not Bobcat Goldthwaite.
Credits say it’s Kevin Duc.


Well, dog my cats. Coulda sworn that was Bobcat.


I often forget to stop, look around and up - maps are beautiful. Only things that missed are maps:
× based on top of a skyscraper above the city (Katagawa’s bossfight map is too small) - verticality could give some interesting fighting situations - part in corridors (kinda similar to movie “Raid”), another in part of building being constructed (like Vertigo).
× uninhabited parts of Athenas.
× Eden-6 (paradise my hairy ***) territories out of Jacob’s control - city created by local civilization, surrouded by u-shaped waterfall and lake of sea.

Welp, I bought Moxxi’s Heist DLC, and so far, I am loving it.

I had another on-level Monocle drop, so those big areas are ideal for my sniping pleasure.
It’s another Borderlands DLC winner.

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Agreed. Core gameplay is still very satisfying. I’d rather have a Headsplosion than a Monocle, but maybe that’s just because I loved my Cobra in previous games.

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Most fun gun I had in BL2 was a totally illegitimate Level 50 cobra that a guy traded to me for 8 legendaries…and I thought I got a “deal”

he must have laughed himself to death…I was a TOTAL noob.

but Damn if that gun was not the most fun sniper in BL2 at that point. It later got out leveled a bit by the time it actually became a legit drop. but at level 50…it was a MONSTER.

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