Some of my lvl 72 VH's reverted back to lvl 65?

As the title says, some are back to lvl 65 and their lvl 72 gear is gone and replaced with lvl 65 gear, as if it looked to an older version of my game. Also, completing missions or killing enemies is not getting me any xp, so I cannot level back up to 72. Anyone had this happen and is there a fix?

did you sync with your older clould saves? that would overwrite all your progress.

i have had this disabled since release.

Thank you, but I don’t know how to do that… I just turned on the xbox like I always do. But it does seem like something like that happened since the VHs are equipped with lvl 65 gear that I used to use. But I don’t think that would explain why I can’t gain xp and level up above 65. Weird.

Is this 360, XB1, or more recent? On XB1 and above, cloud sync is a permanently enabled feature; the only way to ‘defeat’ it is to play off-line. However, doing this means that should you ever launch the game while the XBox is on-line, the system will automatically attempt to sync the files.

65 was the level cap at some point; it seems like you’ve lost a cumulative update somewhere somehow? Might want to see if you can delete just the update and get the system to re-install it.