Some of the Mike dlc quests force you to restart the game

OK, completionist thing.

I’ve enjoyed doing the Toby and Attikus dlc with each character at 100 OPs.
Granted sometimes you have to start over in the Attikus dlc but for the most part those dlc work out.

The new Mike dlc however, too many of the challenges/quests can’t possibly be done by some characters.
So, fail a quest you have to exit and start over, which is pretty annoying no matter who you are.

I’ve completed it 15 times now with Beatrix, Alani, Ghalt, Mike, Whiskey, Mellka, Ambra, Ernest and Ben.


What quests does it have?

Side quests for extra OP points or the primary quest of killing everything? O.o

I think hardest ones are:

  1. Pop the head of a big varelsi (good luck doing that with ernest quick melee (i killed him and rockets doesn’t count towards that “head popping”). And the likes like Whiskey can easily do that thing.

  2. Kill simultaneously 2 big (like a truck) Ronin bots. Holy cow those are annoying and impossible to kill within 5 seconds of each other.

Other challenges are doable (more or less) with all characters.

If you are Galilea or one of the others like her killing everything in a time limit, grrr.

The Verelsi Dancer shows during one of the -> Don’t die quests.
Just before you kill it that twisted monster spawns damage from the floor like a Distuptor does but with 1,900 dmg.
So the poor melee character will die with it.

Did you manage the “Melee the naughty button” with Oscar Mike? I couldn’t seem to land the melee. It always felt like I was just slightly too low, or that the melee strike timing was off, or something.

I dunno, never failed these, it’s pretty easy. (if you are referring to the ones like - kill 10 minions in 45 seconds).

That’s why you need to build the turrets and you are good to go. No problems here either.

On one of those, I built both turrets. They finished the challenge for me before I could get to the next enemy cluster. I did not mind at all.

…Kill 10 isn’t a problem but clear the room is.

All those minions tend to jump down if you start killing them in the middle of the arena. Hmm, maybe I’m lucky not to fail this ^^

[quote=“wisecarver, post:9, topic:1554587, full:true”]Kill 10 isn’t a problem but clear the room is.

All of the side quests that are described as “clear the room” or “speed run” are just “Kill 10”.

The nastiest ones that I’ve seen are the “kill 2 Henchman within 60 secs of each other” (mainly because you’re fighting the first boss of Algo; I’ve only seen it once and we killed them within 10 secs of each other but didn’t get credit, for some reason) and “Pop the Devourer Head” (I got that one as Benedict and, while I was constantly shooting its head, it died before it popped).

I honestly wish they’d think more about the entire cast before designing the side missions because some of them are basically impossible with certain characters.

Also, while I know @jythri thinks that the “get 10 melee kills” is “making it easier to play a melee character”, there’s a big difference between “this sucks if you’re not melee” and “melee aren’t constantly screwed over by the design of the game because everything deals more damage in melee”. I don’t really have a problem getting the 10 melee kills when I’m dealing with a Varelsi round (since crits on those minions kill them) but, on a Thrall round, it’s a death sentence because you’re having to deal with Evolved and Brutes.

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It would probably be more accurate to describe it as “clear the wave”. I’ll take your word for the “10” as I never bothered to count. Seems right though.

…I need more time with this, annoying as it is. :wink:

It’s always 10 (even tho the number isn’t shown at the very start (sometimes)), yesterday I completed Oscar Mike DLC with all the characters with 85+ OPS, never failed these even once.

Did anyone get the “kill x with exploding barrels”? I almost had it, but some jackass minion decided to try and shoot me through a barrel when they were too far away to be killed by the explosion. And then Henchman dropped in to play and there weren’t any more minions. Dagnabbit! The only good news is that Henchman and his clone really don’t AI well when you have double turrets up, so the end came quickly.

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…There are not enough of them at times but I have done it twice.
By rights they should respawn.

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Have you ever had two optional quests show up simultaneously? I was focussing on one of those “kill x number” ones, took out something else, and suddenly got Ops points from Nova. :blconfused:

It’s a bit harder if you play with someone, but it’s 90% chance to get it right while playing solo. My tactics are: just shoot/kill all those little bots that can shoot and the taller ones that have a shield too, they throw bombs and stuff, they can destroy all the barrels and you will not succeed (leave the melee ones alive, they are the best subjects for this, because they usually just follow you. And then it should be easy to group up 2-3 of those bots and kill them. I usually quick melee the barrels, ti’s the safest play, otherwise you could damage/kill some minions with your default attacks by accident.

There are always two optional quests in the second arena. Don’t kill many minions before you complete the first objective (unless it’s a “don’t die this round” one or “kill x amount of minions/clear area”) or it will trigger the second one and they always spawn a mini boss or a few mini bosses.

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Just had the “clear wave in 60 seconds” and got a whole slew of those Thralls with the shields, along with the giant gunner guy. 60 seconds went by way too fast.

Sixth time through, had “kill the twins within 5 sec of each other”, the twins being larger-than-usual Ronin types. Didn’t think I was going to pull that one off, but I got them both attacking the same turret. When one of them came after me I was able to drop him, and something killed the twin at the same time. Really not sure what I did, but it was awesome!

Can some kind soul remind me of the reward tiers?