Some of Zane's Legendary Class Mods need some help

So if we compare Zane’s Class Mods to Moze’s, which offer things like allowing the player to heal their shields, or to deal up to double damage passively, we’ll never get anywhere, because most of his boosts would need to be tripled or more, and I kinda doubt they’ll ever do that.

So instead I’ll base it off the more reasonable Executor mod, which is probably his best class mod at the moment. It gives him 20% increased critical damage, elemental damage, elemental chance, and probably 20% handling and accuracy as well, though that’s harder to test.

The first item on the list is:

Cold Warrior

This class mod triggers a random status effect on a frozen enemy. That would be alright if the status effect actually did any damage, but at level 50, that’s about 300-400 damage per tick; when I freeze a psycho, the dot will not ever finish that psycho off; the damage is basically irrelevant, and that’s even if it happens to get the right elemental effect.

What if it triggered all status effects on frozen enemies? The damage would at least be better that way, and it would be guaranteed to have a matching element!

It also boosts Ready for Action, Synchronicity, and Trick of the Light, which are at least halfway decent skills.


Gives the Clone the Binary System augment, and when meleed, the clone releases a Shock Nova.

Boosts: Pocket Full of Grenades, Duct Tape Mod, Best Served Cold.

I’m honestly not really sure where they’re going with this class mod. The skills it boosts are Pocket Full of Grenades, Duct Tape Mod, and Best Served Cold, so it seems to be based around some sort of grenade build? But the passive bonuses are clearly based around being right up in the enemy’s face, which is exactly where you DONT want to be when loads of grenades are going off. Maybe there’s some sort of niche build where it would work, but I can’t think of one.

Besides, the damage from both are pathetic. The Cryo Nova does 2500 damage at level 50, and the Shock Nova does 1500 damage, and requires being meleed to work. Neither effect is great, or even good, really.

It’s just…bad. I’m not honestly sure how it could be made better while maintaining its identity at all.



5% chance on kill to reset SNTNL’s duration.

Boosts: Rise to the Occasion, Ready for Action, Really Expensive Jacket.

This one’s both too low and too useless. If the player wants to keep their drone out there, then Good Misfortune is far, far more effective at doing so. In my testing, I very rarely got the bonus to proc, and even when it did, because Good Misfortune had already degraded to not working anymore, the bonus was more like a 25% bonus to duration than doubling it like advertised.

It’s like a really inconsistent, less powerful version of Calm, Cool, Collected that you can’t rely on. If it were based on some sort of countdown(every 15 kills, instantly reset SNTNL’s cooldown or duration) it would at least be reliable, but as-is, you can’t rely on it, so you can’t really build around it, and that makes the bonus useless.

As for the skills it boosts, they’re…okay? Again, not anything a player could really build around, though. An extra few percent shield regen or health regen are really pretty minimal bonuses, and are usually the sort of thing a player takes to get to deeper skills, not for their own sake. The only halfway decent skill is Really Expensive Jacket, but even that’s mainly good because it’s a single-point skill. If you’ll recall, in BL2, very few people took the skills that reduced dot damage, simply because most of the time you can just heal through them instead.

So none of the boosted skills are particularly worth taking, the bonus isn’t worth taking, and the class mod as a whole isn’t worth taking.

Maybe have it boost SNTNL’s duration by 50%? If I had to switch the skill bonuses around, I’d move something to Nerves of Steel, since that’s a bonus that’s quite nice, but hard to get, so if someone wanted a big bonus to their accuracy, they might take the class mod just for that.


Last on the list, this one is actually pretty decent. It offers +20% Damage and Movement Speed, as long as the player’s shields are broken. It also gives bonuses to Violent Momentum, Supersonic Man, and Like a Ghost.

The only real issue with this class mod is by comparison to other character’s class mods. Again, Moze can get +100% splash damage just by not reloading, which is very easy for her to achieve. Zane needs to sacrifice his shield to get a mere 20% damage bonus. If Moze’s bonus only gave, say, 35% bonus damage, I’d rate this mod as being perfectly decent, but as-is, I’d call it solidly ‘meh’.

Just bring it up to compare with other classes class mods and it’d be fine.


So yeah, four out of five of Zane’s class mods are at best ‘meh’. That certainly can’t help him stand up to other classes when playing together. If they could be brought up to snuff, that would be most gentlemanly.


The whole purpose of infiltrator mod is to break burner/nova shield mods. This being the only real use thus far does warrant a redo. Though a Cryo or fire nova big booster does get fun. 60% shield heal gets insane. Cold warrior can be bugged. It seems to do amped damage when proc,d while shooting through the shield.

Completely agree. Zane has the least impactful class mods in the game. It’s like he was the 1st character the devs created and they didnt know they could get crazy with it yet. Amara must’ve been the last character created.

This is similar to the discussion on Amara’s COMs. Only Phasezerker really feels like it adds something to gameplay. Zane suffers the most in that the only ok ones are Infiltrator and Executor but even those need to go further on some kind of gameplay enhancement. The freeze one has the most potential to be very interesting, you could increase damage and make it do the element current hp bar is weak to. So if armor is up it applies corrosive etc.

Yea agreed. I believe Amara’s COMS are buggy and get outshown by the bugged Phazerker. But in concept they are good class mods.Like ON PAPER amara has 4 good class mods. The devs execution of those mods is the problem. Zane on the other hand, literally has class mods that anti syerngizes with most of his trees. Do nothing. or do little.Bugged or not. Imo, the infiltrator mod shouldn’t even exist yet it’s somehow one of his only good mods. A character that has multiple skills and an entire tree dedicated to keeping his shields up, shouldn’t have a mod that breaks his shield be the best one

some of y’all focus way too much on orange items instead of looking at other items in the game.

Techexpert is garbage period. Even if it proc’d something like that shouldn’t be an entire class mod. That makes more sense as an anoited perk almost

Cold Warrior is garbage. Zane’s doesn’t do any additional status effect damage so why would he be concerned about a micro dot being applied to ALREADY FROZEN AND NEARLY DEAD TARGET

Shockerator is garbage. A WEAK shock nova on enemies that MELEE your clone. WHAT? The best thing about it is that it has good grenade skills. Also once again, Zane doesn’t excel at shock damage. He has a multitude of ways of applying shock damage. Trick of the light on non aggro’d targets does shock, and his SNTNL can do shock. Why does he need ANOTHER way to do shock?

Executor is Zane best mod. But it’s also his most passive and least flashy. It also doesn’t let the player know how much it’s increasing the values such as handling, accuracy, critical hit damage, status effect chance and damage. Executor has no right being the best mod for a character.

Infilitrator SHOULDN’T exist. A mod that anti-synergies with MOST of Zane’s barrier tree. It seems like a COM SPECIFICALLY created for the rough rider shield and not for Zane himself. Which is a tragedy. This mod literally makes more sense on amara. But hey, us Zane’s are so use to getting shorted that this being one of our best COMs is ok with us. This mod literally creates a niche playstyle instead of enchaining Zane’s built in playstyles. That’s why I hate it. If my tree’s want me to have great shields I don’t know why a mod exists that makes it so I have no shield

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Infiltrator is one of his more interesting class mods, so I like it for that reason alone. It’s contradictory to his typical class builds, but that creates opportunity for new ideas.

But it’s gotta be strong enough to make that investment worth it. Do that and I think it’d be fine.

I actually agree. In a vacuum, Infiltrator is an interesting and fun class mod that enhances gameplay in a new way for zane. If Zane had other class mods that were good I wouldn’t even mind infiltrator. I guess im just salty that we only have 2 good COMs and one of them is nearly an anti-zane COM

Orange class mods are the only ones that offer a legitimate ability beyond the existing skills they’re boosting.

how about this just gives you 2 SNTNL when you spawn it?
doubling its damage, having a fun “pet class” feeling for the people that enjoy it and doubling the augment effects.
its really not THAT strong to begin with, so doubling its power in a feel good way sounds fun to me.


I was irritated by that class mod having nothing to do with the tree its perks are in.
It would be cool if the cmod would make the barrier be always spawned with all-rounder and maybe progressively freeze enemies that are entering it.

I think the other problem is the current shields in the game don’t really enhance that style of gameplay. Rough Rider would be fine if his lifesteal was more like Sustainment on Amara vs the 2 conditional ones he has. There’s not enough benefit for being depleted and he doesn’t have the perks to back that playstyle. If he had Moze’s Tenacious Defense perk somewhere or a lesser perk like it and it could stack as long as you broke shields while full.

As everyone has said, his class mods are beyond garbage.

I pay absolutely no attention to them, even executor.

i just look for good skill and bottom rolls.

Im running a purple one now.

Its really bad, gbox should not ■■■■ on Zane this hard.

I’m convinced that the executor mod doesn’t actually do anything, and it’s placebo effect making me feel like it’s doing stuff. It’s a terrible concept for a class mod imo. I want impact. I want game play enhancement. Not barely noticeable buffs

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My executer mod gives me double damage +. With + 3 or more in playing dirty I get 100% extra shot damage. Without 100% there is almost never a proc even at 9o%. Add while terrored there is a chance for a extra shot and now I (rarely) can see three shots. Obviously I am a scourge player, 3 scourge shots devestate if done right.