Some one know when the first season of VIP starts?

Some one have a clue? Or a prediction, im felling that this VIP thing gonna be AWWWWWSOMEEE (brick voice)


What vip thing? I’m clueless. Please enlighten me, kind master.

@junkbin6767 has a thing where you earn points via various social media activities, redeemable for gold keys etc


@junkbin6767 here slab,


After launch of the game.


once the game launches. so i guess stay tuned for goodies


Thank you all very much! I shall pass this information on to my roomy and some friends. :slight_smile:

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They’ve added code redemption. Randy tweeted first code, WUBWUBWUB, for 100 points

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Thank maan

Not me. I’ve been a ‘VIP’ since the tenth no points accruing. Watching people on here saying how many points they’ve got is getting mighty frustrating. Gearbox support has yet to respond. If this is the support I get for $142 AUD I’m already cranky.

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Wow, so sad

Where do we type in the wubwubwub, also is it case sensitive, thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t want to make a new topic for this question, and this seems as good a place as any:

Does anyone know how to copy the invite link? It’s a hyperlink that does nothing when left-clicked and can’t be copied/pasted.


strange, here i click and i can copy but

is your link

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Thank you. I suppose that copying by hand is the way to go. I just assumed it would be easily C&Ped. Thanks for the help.

Well seems I’ve just received an email saying the first season has started! Since today! :smile:

They reward you with a grenade and shield mod for bl3 and also… A VIP necklace? Wonder how the latter will be redeemed as it looks like a physical piece…

As a sidenote, about one’s VIP name. I linked my VIP stuff to both steam and shift, yet my VIP Username was a random series of letters. Checked my shift account and it looks like i can’t edit this series of numbers into my actual shift username which is SpicyHiro? They say the name isn’t available so I’m stuck with… Spycihro now lmao. Any fellow VH having the same issue or a fix?

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mine too lol

What region are you?

France cher ami
Okay so I checked my email again, they did write that the VIP seasons has started.
Not sure what it will change besides us watching vids; from what the email contains I guess they will update us with little gifts!

PSA: New stuff up now on VIP site, season 1 rewards and survey