Some PVP tweak/fix ideas

This game is a disaster right now in pvp. There needs to be alot of fixes. Some of my ideas, which other may already stated.

  1. Buildable need a huge HP boost with scaling to lvl 3
  2. Have gear stats on heroes gear effect buildables, This would be huge.
  3. Buildables immune to range or a large debuff from range atks.
  4. Incursion mode. HP boost the teams spider base guy.
  5. Tweak some of the collision detection in pvp or widen the lanes on maps. This really sucks being blocked by team mates and minions, slowing down the flow of match and making maneuvering very clunky.
  6. Have a rank only for pvp - not pve commandor rank. Ever 5 lvls of rank earn lootbox
  7. Harsher penalties for afk, DCers, toxic players
  8. More incentives to play well in match
  9. Vote system, after match vote thumbs up for team players, vote thumbs down for toxic players, afks. Its feels good to be appreciated as a team player.
  10. Fix matchmaking
  1. absolutely agree. kind of defeats the purpose of having them if marquis can just sit in the comfort of his healing station and get angles on everything you have.
  2. no way. they need to remove legendary gear as it is. this game will never truly be a competitive game as long as there is legendary gear. base stuff no higher than rare wouldnt be as much of a problem if they normalized the rolls. but the way legendary gear is in this game, it pushes it into destiny type game, rather than a balanced esports type game. i personally refuse to use gear above rare. it isnt competitive.
  3. absolutely agree, for the reasons i agreed with pt 1. ranged and AOE already dominates the game at high levels. i think their dominance over minions and team fights should be enough, but no, they can just merk all buildables from safety as well.

and matchmaking is the biggest problem in the game