Some quality of life things I'd like to see implemented regarding pre/post match communication and team selection

1- Please allow us to unchoose a character once we pick. Team comp is very important and especially in a pub match, if I choose one character I want early but see everyone else is picking characters that result in a crap balanced team, we should be able to un select and switch to something better.

2- We need some sort of all talk post match when the stats are showing up and we should be able to choose when to leave so there can be discussion if people want it about the match and not be forced out.

  1. That is going to be the trending problem though you rushed to get the character you wanted to play without thinking that everyone else wants to do that very same thing too. I understand wanting to change characters for team balance but that’s why I always pick last or wait to see if my team has a tank/support then decide. Changing would just be hectic in my opinion.

  2. I don’t quite understand what you mean so I am going to take a guess and say an after the match talk with both teams talking about how the match went and what you can do differently? That may not be bad but with the toxicity I have seen while playing I find it hard to believe there would be much civilized discussion in that case.

for 2, I mean both teams should be able to talk to one another while the game stats are shown and choose to leave back into matchmaking when they wish instead of being forced out.