Some questions about character management

  1. When you’re done playing, do you leave your character wherever you finished, or do you park them somewhere specific? I, for example, always return to Sanctuary III before turning the game off.

  2. What roles (if any) do you give your four weapon slots? Mine are set by weapon type (lighter on top to heavier on the bottom), but it varys by allegiance. Pistols are always on top and launchers on the bottom, but for Hyperion (who doesn’t make either), it’s usually a SMG on top, though it depends on which of the three weapon types I’ll be doubling for that playthrough. The third slot is always my sniper rifle, but for my Torgue loadout, it’s an assault rifle.

  3. How do you manage your backpack and bank? Backpack is completely empty with loaded gear only, with a full bank? Backpack is overfull from letting mission rewards pack it beyond capacity, and bank is full as well? Room in both? For all my characters except Atlas, they carry all shields, grenades, COMs, and relics that they might use in any build in their backpack, and the bank has all weapons (and collectibles that nobody is actually using). The characters grab four weapons out of the bank for whatever playtype they’ll be doing that session, and that’s it. This leaves room in their backpack for picking up fun stuff and room in the bank for finds to swap to other characters. Atlas’ entire weapon catalog isn’t enough to fill the backpack, so that character just carries them all.

  4. What’s on your wall? Collectibles? Storage? Both? I just have some version of alien-barreled thing per allegiance because I like the way they look.

  5. What’s the weakest piece of gear (of each type: weapon, grenade, shield, etc.) that you keep and actively use on occasion?

  6. Do you have any individual Guardian Perks disabled when you would otherwise leave the rest on?

  7. What is your favorite Mayhem Modifier? What is your most undesired? Lootsplosion is pretty neutral, and the animation is a cute reward for a critical kill. Post Mortem is too hardcore for my taste though.

  8. What is your best and/or favorite vehicle loadout? My default is the Cyclone with the Hover Wheel, Heavy Guns, Heavy Armor, and the Sonic Booster. It’s pretty fast, and if I catch on some random piece of terrain, hover mode lets me insta-rotate away from it. Also, activating hover mode in the air extends the hang time for a hoot. I do use other vehicles regularly to mix it up… it took a while to get the hang of the Zip Wheels on the Outrunner, but that’s quite fun on the right maps.


I can answer 1-3, the others I don’t have an opinion or typical style.

1 - In BL3 I leave 'em whereever. Usually it’s at a farming location, or an arena entrance. In BL2 it was always Sanctuary or Claptraps Place, so the bank was close at hand for trading, but since that’s not necessary in BL3 I just leave 'em scattered around.

2 - Weapons, this in controller, but similar 1-4 on my Mac.

  • Up - Most often used weapon, main killa.
  • Down - Alternate biggest killer
  • Left - 2nd best, usually the best mobbing gun. For me it’s usually an SMG or high fire rate pistol.
  • Right - Oddball gun. Whatever special purpose or unique weapon I want to carry on a particular trip.
  1. Backpack and bank. Bank is full. Backpack is usually 3/4s full. 1/4 is gear I know I’ll need. Then other 2/4s (half) is weapons that * KNOW I’ll never ever use, but I’m carrying them around just in case. Or in hope that GB will buff them.
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How’s this?

What are some of your oddball guns?

I’ve usually offloaded any gear I want to share then sent that character goes off to do something. So guns I want to share are either (1) in the bank already or (2) in my currently active character.

Gosh, anything that doesn’t suit my style, or has a single (in my mind) use. Sometimes it’s something like the Lob, which is handy in limited circumstances, or a really high heat rating CoV gun for a tight mob. Or anything I’m testing because it’s new or I want to see how it works against a specific type of enemy. Quite frankly, I often forget what I have in slot 4, rarely use it, like a big ole rocket launcher as a FFYL escape gun.
And mission guns, like the Rogue Sight, go in slot 4.

Which eans my usually game play firing sequence is UP UP UP UP UP LEFT UP UP LEFT LEFT DOWN UP UP LEFT UP UP with 1 in 100 being RIGHT.

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  1. I park them on sanctuary if I’m switching to a different character, otherwise wherever I am.
  2. Up is pistol, left is smg, right is AR/sniper and down is shotgun. That’s roughly how I’ve had it for every Borderlands game. If I’m using a heavy, I’ll swap it in, use it and swap back, rather then leave it there all the time.
  3. I have a different set of anoints on each character, so their backpack has every item with that anoint. I try them out and keep what I like, with a few spare for each category.
  4. The gun gun. That’s it.
    Don’t really have answers for the rest, lol.
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This is a nice topic. I like this one.

  1. I always return to Sanctuary as well, because I always find myself with a few Legendary items in my backpack after a few hours of playing and I have mules for some of the guns, so got to shove them in the bank anyway, also, have to get them out with my mules, so it’s handy keeping them in Sanctuary.
  2. I never had that strict role for my weapon slots, but I always carry a Maggie. That usually goes on the first slot. Except for Moze, it’s the Hellshock on the first place and second for the Maggie. To the third and fourth slot usually “back up guns” go, not any specific, depends on my mood, in case of ever running out of ammo, which is hardly to happen, but you never know.
  3. I always try to keep my backpack empty, not carrying more than 4-5 other guns for farming besides the equipped ones, so I’ll have plenty of space of any kind of item that might drop and I find useful or fun to pick up. I keep all of my DAHL, Jakobs, Vladof guns and class mods in my bank, the rest goes to my mules.
  4. I have the pre-order guns and mods on my wall, also the Vault Hero (the VIP page reward), and some earlier event stuff, like level 50 terror stuff and the last year’s Wedding Invitation.
  5. I did used a lvl 50 Phasezerker class mod actively… also used a level 2 white gun with level 65 characters, you know, for the barrels of those thiefing jabbers :sunglasses:
  6. nope
  7. Didin’t play that much on those Mayhem levels, I jumped right into M11 from 0. Of course, I did played on lower levels, and of course my favourite is the Lootsplosion. Sometimes you can get really nice items without save/quit farming. I don’t like that “real hardcore, shooting a mob for half an hour, invulnerable” type of game, but as far as I remember, there was one with insta death. I would’ve been rage-quitting for sure.
  8. Since the vehicle loadouts are bugged, I don’t really care about it that much, until I got an Outrunner with a Tesla Coil. You never know when you see a “new” paint job, so you might want to double check it.
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The number (so far) of people not parking in Sanctuary makes me think they’re not using the Loot Machine very often. (Also, I forgot to ask if everyone’s using any Tannis boosters regularly).

I have NEVER used a Tannis Booster. Same in TPS, I NEVER used Moxxi cocktails.

Why? Because I’m a insane cheapskate hoarder. I don’t want to waste whatever currency they cost just in case I need it for something special.
And I never ever ever find the something special I would need it for.

Just like in real life, cheapskate hoarder…


There are not too many cases I have to use the Lost Loot Machine, because I usually grab all the stuff to check them. Sometimes I drop them, sometimes I sell them, so they won’t end up in the Lost Loot Machine. In the other hand… it’s my OCD. That thing’s a B. Believe me :man_shrugging:

Seems interesting, I’ll give it a go.

  1. Usually like to leave my characters at homebase, so Sanctuary. If I am still grinding at an area were it’s a hassle to traverse the map to get to grind spot, then I’ll just leave them there.

  2. It’s dependent variable but I generally do this;
    Weapon Slot 1: Sniper, Shotgun, AR
    Weapon Slot 2: Pistol
    Weapon Slot 3: SMG
    Weapon Slot 4: Shotgun, AR, Launcher

  3. Backpack is set to organize on Rarity. I keep certain gear in accordance to playstyle but generally have equpped gear for mobs while bossing gear in the backpack. My bank is a mess. I just collect stuff and let it rot there.

  4. I always have the Gun Gun mounted. As for the rest, it’s weapons that are anointed to a different playstyle. (i.e. if using Gamma Burst Fl4k then my wall would have R4kk and/or ASE anointed weapons.) So whenever I feel like playing another way, easy to exchange.

  5. Multi-tap. It’s pretty weak compared to the other weapons I keep but I love it so much. Grenades are utility so not really weak per say. Shields are good for what it does, same for the other non mentioned equipments.

  6. I don’t play with GR so i keep it all disabled.

  7. Speed Demon. Just works way too well for everyone.

  8. I don’t have a favorite vehicle loadout. I do however have every vehicle equipped with hover wheels because it is easiest to maneuver with.

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Oh, so that’s what those canisters in her lab were.

1: she usually stays where she was farming last session
Why would I want to run back there next time?

2: flesh, armor, shield, mix (non elemental f.e.)

3: Bank has potential stuff for other chars and other builds. Backpack gets cleared several times during farms.

4: The wall mostly has uniques, so yes, collectables.

5: The piss because the level doesn’t matter. It actually hurts you less if it’s lower. So optimal would be a level 1. Other than that probably what ever shield, weapon, com I couldn’t upgrade to the current level yet.

6: No

7: Lootsplosion. But I play without modifiers anyway.

8: Howering light cyclone with the strongest boost for moving

Howering heavy outrider with shock wave, I keep changing the weaoons, for fighting.

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  1. In general I keep them on Sanctuary. If I’m farming a particular boss or area I’ll leave them there (especially if the location is harder to get to).

  2. 1st: Pistol, SMG, or shotgun
    2nd: AR or SMG
    3rd: AR or sniper (usually AR)
    4th: Heavy
    I don’t do nearly as much sniping in BL3 as I did in previous games. The enemy spawn distance is too short, so there aren’t many opportunities to do actual sniping from far away. I used to use the Wedding Invitation a lot, but the projectile nerf killed it.

  3. Backpack: I generally carry multiple copies of the same gun in different elements and anointments, then I swap them out depending on the enemies I’m fighting.
    Bank: I try to keep as little in there as possible so that I can access items quickly. The interface is terrible, so I don’t want to spend a long time scrolling through stuff trying to find what I need. I have many mules to hold everything I want to keep. They are organized by either item type or by a specific item in different variants.

  4. I only keep the gun gun on the wall. Everything that I would use on a particular character is already in their backpack.

  5. I’m kind of done with using limited or gimicky items, I carry what I know will work in multiple situations. That said, I am also a hoarder. I collect at least one of every legendary or unique item, but I keep them on mules to keep the bank clear. I guess if there’s one thing that could be considered for this question it would be the Fish Slap combined with a Cutpurse artifact for ammo acquisition (especially helpful with Zane’s high fire rate).

  6. In general I keep all GR perks enabled. I earned them, so I’m going to use them. The only perk I had disabled for a while was Harmageddon on Amara since it was causing lots of crashes when combined with Phasezerker. I don’t know if that was ever fixed, but I stopped playing Amara often when M2.0 dropped.

  7. I despise Mayhem modifiers. I’m on M11 exclusively.

  8. I generally only use the Cyclone with the hover wheel and triple booster for the best mobility. Damage output and survivability in M11 means that vehicles are really only good for travel.

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I have not used the Lost Loot Machine in at least a year. I have not even checked it. So many legendaries drop that it has always seemed like more of a chore to keep it cleaned than was justified by that random one in a hundred drops that I didn’t get to see for whatever reason.

As far as the Tannis boosters, I might use the speed boost one every once in a while if I think about it.

I only go to Sanctuary to respec or cache gear. Other than that I stay away in most cases.

  1. I usually leave them where they are, anyway it is frequently in sanctuary as I unload the loot in bank most of the time.

  2. first slot is the weapon I use, 2nd is fight for your life weapon/alternate if needed
    3rd and 4rd are whatever, I generally use 2 weapons maximum at a time.

  3. FULL , ALL OF THEM including ton of mules that I stated grouping by category (class mods for a given characters, shields, terror gear etc…) .

  4. gear specific to the character for storage

  5. Hard to say, I keep and use ton of stuff on occasion.
    Currently I am scratching my head really hard to find an use to the ten gallon gimmick
    I even used the cake grenade but unfortunately it is really bad.

  6. yes shield recharge I deactivate for melee builds with brawler ward

  7. Slayer is my favorite, floor is lava is unbearable for me

  8. Cyclone with hover wheel

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1- I leave them whereever they were. For example, just finished the Slaughtershaft with Moze and left her there.

2- I go AR, pistol, SMG and shotgun in the bottom position. On the rare occasion I use a SR it’ll replace the AR or shotgun- I never use RL and always sell them, except to fill out a spot in my overall collection.

3- My bank is full, and with so little motivation to finish the game with Fl4k or Zane (Amara at least is in the mid 40’s) I don’t even bother to switch out anything. Same with my backpack- most things I leave on the ground unless I need a quick cash infusion. I tend to carry mainly pistols and 1-3 AR’s, SMG’s or shotguns- I tend to carry more class mods than I do any of these other weapon. The only shield I use is The Transformer and only have 2 grenades, one of them a longbow transfusion.

4- Collectibles and whatever weapons/gear I no longer needed got mounted on the walls as soon as they outlived their usefulness.

5- I might break out an Infinity for the lols but that’s about it.

6- No- I earned them, I’ll use them.

7- Zero, as in I play on M11- screw the nonsense.

8- Heavy armor truck with barrel launcher- I’ll take being able to survior over maneuverability.

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  1. Mostly leave my VHs where they were, once I have to put controller down. Usually just hit ‘Pause’ - in 80% of cases it will resume fine on Xbox 1 S. Still no idea what causes full game restart in the remaining 20% of cases… :frowning:

  2. No particular system for my weapon slots - most of my characters have some sort of allegiance, and not everyone makes every weapon, so…

  3. Try to keep at least dozen of empty slots in my backpack to pick up things off the ground. Bank has recently morphed into holding mostly L65 things, triple roll purples, gear from timed events, and random crap I forgot to clean out.

  4. At first I was putting low level legendaries and loyalty rewards on the wall. Now it is empty in many cases.

  5. I don’t ‘keep’ them for ever, but for instance my Sniper Fl4k at L30 still has L12 shield with double Amp perk in the backpack- I only saw one of them since I started paying attention. Fond of Big Boom Blasters too. Alien barrel stuff I find hard to part with.

  6. I keep them on, unless they are obviously detrimental for whatever reason. In general feels wrong to disable something I ‘earned’. :slight_smile:

  7. I liked Lootsplosion, OK Boomer. Now mostly in M11 when available.

  8. I am very good at ignoring vehicles in Borderlands series, so no preference here.

That’s crazy talk. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Interesting - When I load mine out in a place where I expect many armored/shielded enemies, I usually go shield, armor, flesh, shield (top to bottom), so I can work their respective health bars down without having to skip over a weapon. Three health bars? Start at the top and work down. Shield/Flesh? Start at the bottom and work up. Armor/Flesh? Start at the second slot and go one down.

Oh wow, some of them are pretty fun.

Does that thing tank well enough on MM11?

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  1. Wherever i am, but mostly Sanctuary.
  2. No particular set roles, though I keep Rocket Launchers and sniper rifles on Up to save room for more versatile weapons. Along with any weapon powerful enough for a quick Second Wind.
  3. Backpack is usually about 35 to 45 slots full. I like trying different weapons and I probably wouldn’t be able to fit them all in the bank without clearing space anyway.
  4. Just weapons i don’t normally use or are specific for each character/builds. As for collectibles, it varies between Vault Hunters. I try going for a trophy mount theme for FL4K (Bandit masks, animal heads, etc.)
  5. From the top of my head, the Cloud Kill and the Lyuda. I actually don’t use them much, but I’m waiting for a buff.
  6. Hollow Point.
  7. Most? Speed Demon. Least? Every. single. elemental immunity.
  8. The Outrunner. Machine gun, heavy armor, laser wings and/or heavy booster, with the flaming paint job and the horn that blasts guitar solos.

i dont change my loadout usually xD
but since most enemies are flesh, including bosses, this is usually the top weapon