Some Questions about Clappy's Skills

As I find myself in the middle of my journey through each of TPS’s Vault Hunters, I’ve encountered some of the setbacks with Clap in UVHM I experienced with Athena (terrible survivability plus subpar damage). In this case, however, I knew why: I refused to play him in a more orthodox way.

This requires a brief explanation, for the sake of clarity.

I dislike Torgue weaponry overall; I dislike Tediore weapons even more (you could call me a “hater”); and I’m one of the few people who actually likes slag more than cryo. Hence, I knew going in that getting something approaching potency out of our high-fivin’, fast-talkin’ fount of wit and wisdom would be a challenge.

My first intuition was to try to sneak 'splosions in through the back door, so to speak. Max out CC, LnS, SWAB, and OLS for the occasional synthesis of powerful explosions incidental to non-explosive weaponry, while trying to wield weapons with grenade splash - which I believe can be boosted with the Chronicler’s 9/5 in Grenade Vent and a Bomber Oz Kit.

That may or may not have been a silly line of thought, but it was the line I sketched around Torgues and Tediores. Without doing any math (not that I could), I assumed that getting raw bullet damage + heavily boosted grenade splash + RNG 'splosions about a third of the time would result in a decent surrogate for the simpler path of using Torgues and Tediores and Two Scoops and the like.

Based on my reading here, though, there aren’t many weapons that deal grenade splash. Mostly it’s gun splash, which, according to Demonite’s Splash Damage outline, is not boosted by grenade damage.

That led me to try to build around the Magma, the Hellfire, some Maliwan pistols, Hails, etc…

Yeah, no.

The Hellfire and Magma were purest garbage, easily outperformed by a fire Torrent and Snider. Using a Longbow Cryo didn’t really help either. I kept feeling myself being shoved back into Torgue’s blustery world of booms. I’d try a Fragnum and think, “Now that’s what I’m looking for;” but also: “Man alive, I despise this weapon.” Same for the Ravager, Flakker, and the like.

So I had to rethink things. I was dying lots, and killing not lots. Either my intuitive fuzzy math was off or my understanding of what boosted what was mistaken, or both.

Regardless, it appeared to me that the bigger problem was that I was building my Clappy in a contradictory way, using a Chronicler COM due to being wedded to the Grenade Vent boost and Cryo as a solid foundation for DPS, yet trying, at the same time, to cobble together something like an “elemental” build with more potential for variety.

I then switched to the Eridian COM and spec’d out of certain inconsistent damage boosts (like CC), leaning into more reliable skills like Klllbot, Drop the Hammer, and Death Machine. The new idea was to revolve all of this around the Eridian COM’s boost to ML, granting both extra damage (more elemental procs) and survivability (more healing).

So far it’s working much better than my crypto-Torgue build, but I’m still wondering about a few things I haven’t been able to get clear on by studying the forum posts.

Before I get to that, here’s what I’ve been running with:

Claptrap Skill Build 23/22/22 - Level 70 Fragtrap


COM: Eridian Vanquisher
Grenade: Longbow Quasar
Shield: Naught
Oz Kit: Eddie

(I tried to run with other shields and other Oz Kits, but whatever I gained from them in other areas I lost in survivability, to a degree that was unsustainable. I generally try not to use the Eddie in my builds, as it becomes something of a crutch, but with Clappy I had to make an exception. I can’t do without it, at least for now.)

Pistols: Hard Reboot/Luck Cannon/Maggie
Snipers: Sniders/Machines/Omni-Cannon
SMGs: Fridgia/Torrents
Shotguns: Bullpups/Flayer/Quad
Lasers: Absolute Zero

As noted, it’s working fairly well. The Quasar is a monster grenade which, like the Eddie for Oz Kits, I can’t seem to shake. I always end up returning to it no matter who I’m playing with. It doesn’t generate stacks like the Storm Front, true. On the flip side, I find it hard to deal with the way the SF flies off everywhere in zero gravity.

In any case, with ML boosted to 9/5, the Quasar does more than fine.

Now, I understand I’m not min-maxing my Fragster here, nor am I doing anything original. I would like to “optimize” the kind of build I’m going for, namely, elemental with an emphasis on variety and an extreme aversion to Torgue and Tediore weaponry.

My number one concern is CC. I read the post here at the Forums about CC, how it works, and what kind of damage to expect from it, but (to lay my cognitive cards on the table) I did not understand it. Furthermore, on the Claptrap skills evaluation page, the section on CC must involve a misprint, as it seems to be at odds with itself:

“This is great for elemental weaponry, but it won’t do anything for explosive weaponry like what Torgue sells. I like Torgue so I don’t generally use this. It does work great with cryo weapons and none-elemental ones that have high base damage. It doesn’t work very well with elemental weapons due to their lower base damage.”

A little confusing: it’s great for elemental weaponry but also doesn’t work very well with elemental weapons. This matters for what I’m going for here, so it’s important for me to get clear on this point. My assumption has been that the last part - CC doesn’t work very well with elementals due to lower base damage - is closer to the truth, because it simply makes sense. Therefore, I spec’d out of it in favor of boosting my Quasars with Grenade Vent.

Is CC worth it in a set-up such as mine?

You’ll also notice I put one point into CEM. That’s there because I didn’t know what else to do with it, plus I saw that Demonite did it in his Deputy Claptrap build. I still wonder, though, if I’d get more out of a second point in SWAB, which I didn’t max out because I strongly suspected that my supercharging of it with the Celestial COM was responsible for a lot of my survivability issues. 5/5 seemed like plenty to me.

Perhaps not? I’ve certainly survived better - considerably better - since lowering the volume on SWAB, but that could be mere correlation. The actual cause of my increased tankiness might be the ML boost in the Eridian COM, and switching from a Cryo grenade to a Quasar. It’s hard to tell these things in general mobbing, so I’d at least like a perspective on what should hold in theory.

Lastly, though I’m not terribly impressed by Wax On, Wax Off, I put 4 points there for a modest but always-on boost (as opposed to the situational BB4L) as a way to get to HFG, which I take for healing in between combat encounters and damage boosting (somewhat like Wilhelm’s Overcharge) just before jumping into a fight. I gathered that would be more valuable to me than whatever I’d gain from BB4L.

There is the possibility, nonetheless, that all five of those points combined (in WOWO and HFG) are a terrible waste when they could all be spent maxing out CC. There’s an opportunity cost there; I just don’t know how to estimate it.

In sum:

Am I making a mistake, in an elemental/variety “build,” by passing on CC in favor of Grenade Vent?

Would an extra point in SWAB (6/5 instead of 5/5) be better spent than a single point in CEM?

Are five points total in Wax On, Wax Off and High Five Guys better spent in CC?

Naturally, I could just experiment with all of this, and I have to some extent. The differences aren’t large enough to provide obvious answers one way or another. Add to that the fact that I’m not sure, often enough, if I’m getting downed because I’m playing poorly or because of something I’ve short-changed in my build, and I find myself driven here to the Forums yet again - asking what theory says should hold good and true.

If you’d like to recommend anything outside of my “build,” feel free. I’m open to (almost) everything.

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Ugh - that’s confusing. I took it on my Clappy/Fraggy, and I’m fine with it. Obviously, it doesn’t work with Torgue weapons because EXPLOSIONS! I think that last sentence should be something like “it works better with non-elemental than elemental weapons because of the higher base damage” - as in, you’ll literally get more bang for your buck with a Jakobs than a Maliwan. But that still gives more bonus damage than a Torgue.

IOW if you’re getting good elemental damage, you’ll get bonus explosive as well. As usual, what you’re really trying to compare is total DPS from all sources; if the balancing is done right, that should basically come out roughly equal? I tend to veer more towards the “try it and keep it if you like it” rather than coldly calculating approach.

BTW why no “I am rubber” for Torgue Fiesta? It’s almost as funny as Livin’ Near/Pirate Ship!


Lol you make a good point. The serious reason is that I did take it initially but kept killing myself more than my enemies - they missed a chance to call it “My Own Worst Enemy,” which is a theme with several of Clap’s skills, plus the whole Shadowtrap business (didn’t exist yet when the game was released, but whatever. Patch it in!).

The joking reason I didn’t take it is because it means I get less Buzzsaw and Rubber Ducky.

Which reminds me - this story is not a joke, though it is funny: first time I get to RK5 in UVHM with Clap, I roll the dice on my action skill hoping to get Gun Wizard or at least Pirate Ship. I get Buzzsaw. I get downed. I get dead.

That’s my world in a nutshell. I’m the guy with real life RNG akin to getting Buzzsaw for a fight with RK5. I possess tools that may be awesome in some possible world or other contexts, but not for this world or these contexts.

I’m saying I relate to Claptrap. I sympathize. I get it in my biological equivalent of his circuitry. He gets dumped on and can’t surgically slice his way through life, so faute de mieux he just blows sh*t up. That’s my irrelevant-to-the-discussion point here.

Oh, I’m with you there. And it’s not like I have a choice, anyway. I can’t be calculating, whether warmly or coldly, because I don’t have a left brain. I should be a Torgue man because, like him, my brain says “2+2 = SPLOSIONS!” Alas, the weaponry just frustrates me.

That said, if I had to pick the biggest motive for making this thread it would be my confusion about CC. Sometimes there’s big DPS hidden in skills I fail to detect, and I couldn’t get a straight answer on whether that was the case with CC. So I decided to go ahead and ask the question straight.

The other questions are merely tinkering. I’d not have to trade-off Grenade Vent and CC if I relocated those five points out of WOWO and HFG. If CC is more powerful than I understand it to be - given the loadout and build I’m aiming for (about half and half between elemental and non-elemental) - that might be a better option. Plus, if I stick with the Naught shield, I’m really not sure if WOWO could be anything but a waste. I love HFG due to my own insecurities (I need self-healing), so even if I don’t go for CC, WOWO might be such a bad choice, given the shield I’m using, that I should bite the proverbial bullet and move to BB4L.

But with respect to Torgue Fiesta - have you noticed the bullet reflection? Or do you take it just for the yucks?

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Maybe? It’s been a while, and I don’t remember where I left Clappy off. He’s definitely not at max level, but he’s the character I’ve had the best laugh-out-loud moments with.

He’s my spirit animal for sure. I wouldn’t say he’s been the most fun to play, but the most entertaining? Yeah, I’d go so far. His dialogue is hilarious. His concept is solid and even funnier given how single-mindedly GB/2K stuck to it. His programmed tone of voice, extroverted, cheerful, full of optimism, contradicts his inner state almost completely. He is the smile through tears, the tragicomic hero of Borderlands. Love that guy.

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I’ll preface this with that, Claptrap doesn’t really want to using anything except for the Flakker while mobbing in case you want to reconsider. But otherwise…

  • Survivability
    • IMO you should never spec deep into the Fragmented Fragtrap tree unless you’re building a Tediore chuck build. The bonuses you get aren’t worth not having Safety First always active, which is a big part of his survivability. (It’s better than it looks, such as the shield routine turning every shield into the Naught, literally).
    • Claptrap is a health based tank, mainly relying on Killbot looping. Use the Neogenator or Haymaker (adaptive shields).
    • Keep using the Eddie on him, since he likes to be near death. And because of how OLT works, he doesn’t really have any good damage Oz kits.
    • Rubber/Glue causes 25% of all bullets that hit you to do no damage, like Maya’s Kinetic Reflection.
    • SwaB kills you too fast in most builds, so I’d say don’t spec into it.
    • Reconsider a Vladof cryo grenade. It gives crowd control and damage amplification.
  • Damage
    • No Torgue means the next best thing is a Jakobs Quad, preferably an 8 mag glitch one. Which means the Sapper is still his best COM.
    • You can also make a build the only damages with SwaB, by constantly reloading the Probe. But the build below is for the Quad.

All lot of skills points are because we have so many, and you don’t want to spec into a lot of things. Feel free to ask any questions.


Really appreciate you engaging with me on these arcane and antiquarian subjects.

Ok, now. - I did consider going the “Safety First only” route, but I really wanted Blue Shell, Death Machine, and Grenade Vent. I didn’t see any other DPS boosts available aside from the ones I was already taking in the Boomtrap tree, which, as you know, I’m not exactly maxing out with my build/loadout.

I don’t have a Sapper, but wouldn’t that lock me into explosive damage anyway? I could be wrong, but I supposed that the elemental boosts in the Eridian COM would be what I would need to render my peculiar set-up viable. At least in practice, that was my experience switching from the Chronicler (especially since I don’t rely on cryo).

I don’t know what to say about the Cryo itself. I played with it for most of UVHM. It’s good, very good even. But I still don’t find it gives me (1) the same massive amount of crowd control the Quasar does, (2) the same amount of raw, shield stripping damage (oftentimes, dudes just die before I can even shoot them), and (3) the same amount of ML stacks.

I’m highly ambivalent about cryo, and whenever I feel the need to use it, the Fridgia proves more accommodating and reliable, since I can freeze who I want. Sometimes when I throw the Cryo at a guy, he’ll not get frozen or run out of the radius before the ice on the ground freezes him. Or when I throw it between three guys, two will freeze but one will escape. It’s a bit too uncertain. With the Quasar I don’t have that problem: throw it and the intended effect occurs every time, in just the way I want.

I haven’t been wowed by cryo grenades on the whole. I’ve had bad results with the Bouncing Bazza, the Nasty Surprise, and the Cryo Leech. I haven’t been able to farm a Longbow Cryo Transfusion with 0.0 fuse (note my desperate plea for one in the gear section), because my game doesn’t want to give me one. I have a Homing variant, but it’s not the same.

The best among them has been - as advertised - the Cryo, but my mobbing efficiency nevertheless increased qualitatively once I switched to the Quasar.

The final straw with the Cryo was the fact that it leaves a kind of white mist for a few seconds after popping, obscuring my vision and making hitting crits, unless I’m right in the enemy’s mug, more or less impossible. More generally, I find it difficult a lot of the time to locate an enemy’s crit spot once they’ve been frozen, like shooting a misshapen block of ice before it’s been sculpted.

With respect to the shields - ok, I’ll try. I must say, though, that every time I’ve had the Haymaker or Reogenator recommended to me and tried it out (Haymaker on Wilhelm; Reo on… I can’t remember… Athena?), I’ve had disastrous results. I hate the Haymaker, to be blunt. I added a comment last week to one of my recent posts asking what the hell adaptive shields are supposed to do anyway. I’ve never noticed any “adaptation.” I still catch DOTs all the time. The shields aren’t that huge, capacity-wise. And the health boost allows me to tank around… one more shot? Two? And if I’m ever in a situation where I really need that extra health, I’ll be taking more than one or two extra shots anyway.

Essentially it’s the same deal with the Reo. The regeneration is negligible. The health boost I’ve never noticed compensating well for the abysmally small capacity. I feel naked sporting it, like I’m running on health alone with no shield at all.

There’s gotta be something mucking things up in my style of combat or lord knows what, because too many people swear by adaptive shields for my experience to be proof of anything. All I can say is I’m apprehensive about them due to that experience.

I’m going to give this build a whirl anyway, so let’s dust off the Haymaker and see how it goes.

I know what Rubber/Glue does from the description, but never thought much of it for the same reason I never put much stock into Kinetic Reflection as Maya - bullets aren’t my foremost concern (though they are a concern). On the other hand, if I’m getting out of FF almost entirely, why not take it? I only use Clappy’s action skill as an emergency heal anyway, so Torgue Fiesta can’t be that bad. It’s better than KriegSaw in any case.

Good to know about SWAB. I’d thought this was at the root of a lot of my problems, so to hear that it is indeed a problem for many builds supports at least the possibility that I was correct.

Now, what about my not having a Sapper? Could I still run what you’re suggesting with my Eridian COM, or is a Sapper essential? I’ve got a glitched Quad (Rustler’s, not Doc’s), and it’s a great gun… but damn it chews through ammo like… well, like a Quad.

I’ve only used it situationally in the past for that reason, and tend to not even carry it on me. In the spirit of science, in any case, I’m going to run with it.

Just let me know if the Sapper is a deal breaker for your build. I should clarify, now that I think about it, that I do have a Sapper, but it’s Foolhardy rather than Audacious, and I just assume when people say “Sapper” they mean Audacious. Knowing the difference between Nisha’s Crapshooter COMs tells me that the DPS disparity might not be insignificant between the variants.

Could you recommend a few other guns for when I run into ammo trouble with my Quad?

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Wow. This sounds familiar.
checks status of one and only Claptrap in TPS
Yep. Me too! Looks like that’s where I gave him (sorry, it…them? dammit) up.

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OLT is the important part. But CC still lets you benefit from the explosive boost.

Blue Shell is only during FFYL, and you already talked about how little you benefit from Grenade Vent in terms of your gun options.

Fair, but it might also be a cause of some of your deaths. Especially for a close range character like Claptrap. Where as the Cryo has little to no risk.

No character in this game is a health tank like him… Except maybe Nisha, but IMO she’s better run as a glass cannon.

IMO you should never run Athena, Jack, or Aurelia with health based shields. And I run Wilhelm with a dps shield because he needs all the help he can get.

And you mainly run adaptive shields for the health. The adaptation is damage resistance your shields get (not your health), based on the last element you got hit by. Same goes for the Haymaker/Reo, you use it for the health, not the gimmick (though the Reo’s gimmick works quite well with the shield subroutine).

You need that brawler playstyle. Always 2 feet from your enemy’s face, constantly killing. Claptrap is a character designed to occasionally go in FFYL, but he never bleeds out and instantly gets back on his feet.

In terms of mobbing at least, OLT is Claptrap’s everything IMO.

Brawler playstyle more-or-less makes it a non-issue, and crates are a plenty in TPS. But you could always you the Flakker :P, it feels so much better in low-G than in BL2.

You’ll only do about half damage without it. But at least +4 in OLT is good enough to try it out, and points into Killbot is kind big too.

Laser Disker (shooting is fine), Kanadea’s Laser, Cryo Hail, etc… The more synergy with OLT or if the gun is cryo/explosive is usually good enough.

Easiest and most time effective farm to fix that is the corrosive T4sr or Mining Laser.


I’m careful not to blow myself up with it, but that’s why I like grenade vent - to make my Quasars as lethal as possible and soften enemies up for the killing blows. It’s not necessary. I just like it.

I know about BS; it’s been my preferred FFYL skill is all. I’ll give it a go without it.

Believe me I don’t. In fact, I’ve never run any character in any BL game with health-based shields. Athena is Shield of Ages all day for me. Jack is whatever I feel like; usually a nova shield of some sort. Wilhelm I like to sport nova shields too, though I switch it up.

I do understand what the adaptive function is supposed to do; I just don’t understand the point. I need it to adapt to the first instance of elemental damage, not the next one of the same type. Now, if it kicked in with the second DOT tick - yes, please. Otherwise, I don’t get the point. Ever since the Evolution in BL2 I’ve never detected any advantage even very high adaptive percentages have over flat damage reductions with beefy turtle capacities (Blockade, or Shield of Ages for example).

Anyway, you’ve made it clear the main purpose is the health, at least for Clappy, so I’ll look at it that way.

Ugh. Sounds like I’m setting myself up for unfairly rough experience without the Audacious Sapper. (Unfair for testing your build idea.)

Double ugh. I can’t stand the LD or Kaneda’s Laser, and the Hail is impossible for me to aim, to the point where I occasionally unload a whole clip and miss every shot (because, due to my camera being tilted down, I can’t tell if I’m hitting anything).

I just… don’t like explosive guns. At all. I think the Omni-Cannon is the only one I like, and it sucks. Maybe a Luck Cannon? Or something. Perhaps?

Because going with anything Torgue or Tediore would rather defeat the purpose of what I’m trying to do. (This is one reason I went for grenade vent and death machine - I make up lost explosive damage with grenade damage and a pretty nice set of gun damage bonuses and movement speed. It feels like avoiding those skills locks me back into the Torgue/Tediore/Cryo loop.).

Anyway - I’m about to take this for a test run now. I’ll make allowances for the fact that I don’t have the right COM for it, so I don’t make a rash judgment if I fail to perform. Just gonna work on getting into the groove of your recommended play style.

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Not even the Rough Rider on Krieg or Sal?

It should kick in before you even get the first tick. But you do lose it as soon as you lose your shield.

SoA doesn’t have damage reduction (and very few sources give it if you’re talking about outside buffs). And it all depends on how that character wants to be built. Like the Blockage has more DR than the Rough Rider, but you’d never use it on Krieg.

Otherwise damage reduction will always be better than gimmicky damage resistance, when you don’t care about health.

Just barrel-stuff, that’s where Clappy wants to be anyway.

Not using explosive is mostly fine, but not utilizing OLT as much as possible just sets yourself up to have a bad time.

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Gotcha. I’m farming for an Audacious now.

I never played Sal, but indeed I do use the RR on my Krieg in place of the FotF for a Hellborn build. I also use it with my Maya sometimes for perma-Fleet. I guess I never thought about it as a health-based shield. I thought of it as a damage reduction shield the benefits of which lie mainly there and in its zero capacity.

I completely forgot it even had a health bonus.

Now I’m confused again. If some dude shoots me and procs a fire DOT, the 86% resistance on my Reo will kick in before the first tick? Or only after I’ve already eaten an entire fire DOT previously, and only if no other elemental damage affected me in between?

My intention was to say that I’d prefer if it adaptive shields worked more like elemental immunity shields but less strong. Unless I’m totally misunderstanding them, that’s not how they work - or rather, it’s sort of how they work, provided you take two consecutive DOTS of the same element and don’t lose your shield.

I meant to say “damage reductions and/or beefy turtle capacities.” I know the SoA doesn’t have DR, but it functions as if it does. It feels almost identical to the Blockade whenever I sport it in TPS, so I tend to run the two together in my mind.

Any week now the game will finally give me an OLT +6 Sapper…. Then I can go and attempt some Hail barrel-stuffing. Might give me a reason to use that weapon at last.

It procs off of any elemental damage, you don’t have to be afflicted by a DoT for the resistance to kick in. Like if you get hit by a grenade, you will have 86% explosive resistance until another element hits you.

Explosive has no DoT, but you’ll see your shield turn yellow to signify the resistance.

They are. Say you take a 100 damage fire proc, and you have an 86% Reo. The Reo will turn the damage into…

100 / (1+0.86) = 53.76

So you take about half damage. But the Reo’s high resistance is balanced by its low capacity, and you lose the resistance when you lose your shield. Thus part of the reason why the Eddie and Safety first are so good.

The Hail is only a backup. OLT only buffs the last shot you fire, so it’s kinda worthless on the Hail. At that point just use the Chronicler or Elpis if that’s gonna be your focus.

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Unreal. I guess I’m just a slow poke, because the way it’s worded in the text doesn’t make it sound like that. Just to a casual trying to follow the text, it sounds like “You’ll eat the first instance of elemental damage entirely, but the next time, right after, you get hit by the same element you’ll have this sweet resistance.”

The way you’ve described it makes it even more mysterious why I’ve never felt any more tanky with adaptive shields. Could just be there’s always more non-elemental damage than I suppose. Could also be that they nerf the capacity so much that it more or less negates the resistance advantage. Or both together.

But muchas gracias for explaining this to me. I have obviously never understood it.

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Update time.

I managed to acquire through diligent grinder farming a few perfect Audacious Sappers - the one with +5 Killbot and the other with +5 SWAB. So I finally was able to take the build for a test drive last night.

It worked exceptionally well, but as usual I couldn’t sustain using the Quad. I nearly ran out of ammo in every mob encounter. Doesn’t matter in the end; the Flayer works better for me, anyway.

At first, I didn’t feel like I was packing enough punch without SWAB, so I experimented with specing into it and using the +5 SWAB Sapper. That was too much SWAB - suicidal SWAB. I found a nice balance by specing out of Through Thick and Thin and putting those five points into SWAB, leaving it there.

With that modification, this build is a slaughterhouse that requires relatively little ammo usage in most encounters.

Some notes:

-Aside from the Flayer, highly effective weapons were the Fridgia, Practicable Thinking, Sniders, Hard Reboot, Absolute Zero, and a few others (just to mention non-explosive weapons). I didn’t like the Plunkett, since missing that last shot-crit is annoying as hell. Tried out a glitched Ravager I got in the Clappy DLC and, as expected, hated it. Effective, powerful, slow. Not my cup of tea.

-Tried IVF chucking on the first form of the Sentinel and it worked. Didn’t enjoy it, but there’s no arguing with its potency.

-Machine + Flayer obliterated Sentinel’s second form.

-For grenades, the Quasar still works better for me than the Cryo.

-For shields, both the Haymaker and the Reo are phenomenal with this “Safety First” build - maybe the first time I’ve had good experiences with either shield. I’d highlight the Reo especially: it shines here.

-Since I figured Safety First was contributing a lot to shield excellence, I experimented with other shields I always wanted to make workable on my Clap - notably, the Deadly Bloom, which I ended up carrying through half of UVHM (I switched to the Reo for the Sentinel). It’s probably not recommended by anyone who knows what they’re doing with Clappy, but I love it with this build. I couldn’t make it work with the build I was using before, almost certainly because I wasn’t getting Safety First all the time.

In fact, one of my favorite things about this build is that it allows me to branch out and have more diversity in my shield selection. Before I was more or less locked into Cracked Sash, Naught, and a few others.

-I’ve been trying to max out my damage with a Tranquility COM, but I don’t feel a significant difference with it, oddly enough. I do feel a difference with it on other characters, e.g., Wilhelm. Be that as it may, Safety First tends to obviate my need for the Eddie; I’m just not sure what’s best to put in its place. Maybe the Eddie is simply the best choice, and that’s that. Or a Moonlight Saga? Or Systems Purge? Choices, choices…

-I’d like to say thanks for educating me more deeply on Clappy and his skills - and for trying to work with my peculiar biases and requirements.

-Oh, and PS: could you recommend me a build specifically for Eclipse/EOS? I may not need to switch up too much, but with Athena I ended up having to respec. If I can manage to keep the Clappy build as is and just carry some extra equipment, that’d be sweet. They messed up bigly by not putting a respec station in E/E’s arena.


You should try the Rerouter then, a very nice “duality” shield for Clappy. With my build you are either a tank with massive shield and health regen, and near Bee levels of amp uptime. Or you have near 100% uptime with ‘Livin Near the Edge’.

(SWAB not advised.)

OLT and the Tranquility Oz kit give additive gun damage. 880% plus 30% isn’t much of a difference.

IMO just spam Mongol shots with your restrictions. Otherwise you’re just stuck with something like The Machine spam; Simply because it’s good, not because Clappy’s good at it.

There’s one in the Mutator arena just before you drop down to the E/E fight.

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I must be getting dotty; I have no recollection of that. It’s there right after you beat Shadowtrap?

I considered the Rerouter, and I’ve never used it on anyone else. The delay was always a deal breaker. Will give it a run on Clap.

That would explain it.

Alright I’ll pick up a Mongol. I just keep a Badaboom around normally, not being prone to using RLs.

It’s been years, IDK if you have to do the quest first. It should be just to the right after you take the jump pad up to the map exit.

Thus it’s made for Clappy, who gives all shields 0 recharge delay.

The Mongol is better for OLT and big bosses, both of what we need here. I don’t care for launcher spam either if a character doesn’t promote it, but there’s not many options without the Flakker.

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Rerouter Update: I farmed up an Alkaline from the Grinder yesterday and sported it throughout CV up to E&E.

No survivability issues. I can’t say I noticed the amp damage all that much, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t doing anything. It’s free extra damage, so if I’m not taking a noticeable survivability hit, why not go with it?

Excellent suggestion. I love how oddball my clappy is becoming.

I’ve also been experimenting with a Systems Purge, having given up on the Tranquility. Seems fine, but I’m still not sure the extra damage makes it preferable to the Eddie. Now that I’m so ridiculously tanky I simply don’t need the Eddie anymore, so I’m continuing the hunt for the most effective offensive Oz kit I can find.

Systems Purge has some collateral effects that make it win out over the Tranquility, for me, on Claptrap. I assume a Bomber kit wouldn’t do much given the weapons I’m using (–would it boost my Nukem against E&E?). What other damage-based Oz kit choices are there aside from the Tranquility and Systems Purge?

One more thing I’d like to ply info. from you on, in case you know the answer. I see on various Top Gear threads different recommendations for Slappers for different VHs. For Nisha, Hard (damage over fire rate). I have Hard, Intense, and DP, and would like to try one out on my Clappy. Fragnum works ok, but if I’m going to carry around a Torgue pistol, I want it to be “the best one.” Perhaps it’s the Fragnum, but if not, which Slapper would work best on Clap?

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