Some Questions about Clappy's Skills

It’s not the Bee, but it still depends on the weapon you use it with. Using the Quad? You’ll barely get any damage. But use it with something like a Maliwan pistol and is should be a large damage increase.


No luck with Mongols?

Probably a Strafing Run if you have the aim.

IDK about the damage comparison on which is better. But for the Slapper Clappy wants the DP, since it gets you to the last shot fastest. And remember the Fragnum has +25% crit damage.

But I think for normal play, Jack and Clappy are the only ones that preferred the Fragnum iirc.

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No, I’m just dumb and forgot you recommended Mongols. (I also have the excuse, as we’ve discussed, of never using RLs, so I don’t even know the difference.)

I’ve got quite a few Mongols from farming the H-Source, but I sold them all ages ago. I’ll try that for a bit and if I crap out I’ll hit the grinder. Are Mongols DLC legendaries?

And can I roll with explosive or would you recommend shock/corrosive?

I have a tough time getting crits with the Fragnum anyway, so I’d probably prefer the lower mag of the Slapper. Gonna give a run later.

Thanks for the continuing input.

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It’s from the base game.

And the child rockets are always explosive, so explosive is always the best because it has the highest base damage. Preferably an 8 mag one, and if not, one with less.


Update: it took me a while to farm up an eight shot Mongol, but once I got one it made fairly fast work of Eos. On Eclipse I used a Flakker. No problems. I didn’t even do very well tactically, but the set up was so powerful it didn’t matter.


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Nice! Just know that the second to last shot is the one that gets the OLT buff on the Flakker, not the last. This is because the game engine thinks you’re on your last shot when it registers the splash damage hitting an enemy, and the only part that matters on the Flakker is the splash.

*This is only applicable for guns that do combined bullet+splash damage.

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