Some questions about Fl4k

Hi all just bea tthe game for the first time i hope this is okay to ask here.

Number 1 and the thing thats confused me the most, theres class mods that say they effect “hunt skills” which is really unclear does this effect only skills in the Hunter skill tree? or all individual abilities that say “Hunter skill” as all of the orange/hunter skill tree could be considered hunter/hunt skills as they are in the hunter tree but there are “hunter skills” in other trees such as Furious Attack in green which does this effect?

Question 2: Pets, am i pretty much railroaded into using the very last pet i unlock in a tree over say the 2nd one? by this i mean does the last one you unlock have better base stats than the one before? the reason i ask is on the blue tree i prefer the 10% gun damage of the great horned skag over the 5% fire rate of the eridium skag, am i gonna be gimped by taking the great horned over the later unlocked eridium having a weaker pet as a result?

Question 3: I think i know the answer to the 1st part of this but i have an anointed beastmaster sniper that makes enemies hit with rakk attack take 100% more damage for a weapon, im assuming thats only by the weapon with that ability on it and while its the gun im currently holding? so for instance i couldnt use rakk attack holding the sniper then change to my Assault Rifle and have that do 100% more damage due to it? Also “for a short time” how long is “a short time” and is this a universal term thats always the same amount of time as i see a lot of skills say it to but dont say how long that actually is.

Question 4: Not a Fl4k question but a general one, If a class mod gives me a point in a skill i have put 0 points into do i get the effects from it or do i need atleast 1 point in the skill before i can feel/reap the benefit?

Sorry for so much questions but didnt wanna spam with multiple posts and so much unclear/incomplete imo wording is leaving me wondering and my googling hasnt helped though that could be my fault, really appreciate any answers, also any citation/evidence that your answer is legit wanna be sure i get confirmed accurate answers rather than “i think it works like this” as thats where im stuck now. Thanks so much.

First, welcome to the forums!

For your first question, it’s any skill that has “Hunter Skill” or "Hunter Kill Skill in the description. Those skills are:

  • Interplanetary Stalker
  • Second Intention
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Frenzy
  • Psycho Head on a Stick
  • Furious Attack
  1. All pets have the same health stats and damage for the most part. I have damage stats listed here for level 57. In general, pet damage is not amazing and you definitely don’t want to choose pets based off their damage. Go for the pet that provides the best stat boosts for your build.

  2. This is correct.

  1. You don’t need to have any skill points in a skill to get a COM boost. If you have 0 points in a skill and the COM gives you 3, you’ll have 3 points in that skill.

Hope this helps. Have fun vault hunter!


Just thought of 1 more question, do skills in tree’s that effect pets only effect the pet of that skill tree e.g does “He Bites!” in the blue skill tree allow the Jabber from the green tree to get reflect damage if he’s hit?

Pet skills effect all pets regardless of the tree they are in. He Bites works equally for skag, spiderant, and jabber.


amazingly helpful thank you :smiley: i only see damage output though are the hp/resists/armour etc similar like will the middle pet die faster than the later as an example? also i read your damage stats the gunslinger jabber is beyond op if im reading it right? his activate skill does 17330 per rocket, he shoots 3 ofem and just 1 is double the damage of the other 2. is that right?.

I don’t have exact numbers for HP yet, but from what I’ve seen scattered around the pets should all have the same amount of health. I’ll see if I can get some numbers.

Keep in mind the health amount isn’t the only thing that will keep pets alive. In my experience the Jabbers rarely die because they strafe enemies. Spiderants can stack a lot of regen with All My BFFs and be fairly tanky even on M4. The skag dies the most for me, but others have had different experiences.

And yes, Gunslinger is stupid OP compared to the others if you want damage. The tradeoff is that it’s passives aren’t that great.

Ok, this isn’t scientific in the slightest, but it should answer your question for now.

All the pets have the same health. The way I tested was by going to Sanctuary, engaging Kevin, and standing by while the NPC’s threw grenades at him. I looked at my pet’s health after the explosion, and all of them had about the same amount taken out of their lifebar.

You can also test this at the slot machines at Moxxi’s. Wait until you get a grenade, and see how much health it takes out. All of the pets will lose a little less than half of their health to those explosions.

As for the pet’s HP, I’ve seen estimates of about 160k. You can take a look here. I don’t know if that was with or without Pack Tactics though.

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Oh wow, I thought it was only for the ones in the Hunter tree. I’ll be on the lookout for slightly different Bounty Hunter COMs.

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