Some questions about the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge

  1. Does the level at which you recieve it affect the bonuses on the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge?

I got one at level 38 on NVHM and got +576 max health and +10% reload speed. Then I got one on TVHM at level 60 before the final level cap with +9 exp and +54% mag size.

  1. Since its a quest reward, has anyone actually managed to purchase it from the Veteran Rewards machine or the Fabricator using the Legendary firing mode?

  2. On a semi related note, once you activate Mayhem Mode, is there really much of a difference between NVHM and TVHM?

I’m asking because I usually just run through the campaign then the 4 DLC’S. (I have all the DLC’s know) then finish leveling in TVHM. But if there isn’t any difference, you might as well grind to max in NVHM.

The damage bonus is the same. Level matters only for the passive bonus, higher lvl = more %

  • The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge can only spawn with Health Regeneration, Maximum Health, Experience Gained, Fire Rate, Magazine Size, or Reload Speed.

Veteran vendor contains only base game mission rewards. ATM there is no way to farm DLC rewards outside of the mission itself.

Once you start using Mayhem on Normal there is no difference between Normal and TVHM.


they pretty much half assed the whole game… so yeah don’t look to much into things, they didn’t either :wink:

mods and artifacts for example don’t scale

TVHM became absolete after mayhem…

Yes, but only the randomized passive rolls, not the primary effect

No. It is a DLC item which sadly means that you cannot get it that way.

No. Once you are on Mayhem Mode, it doesn’t matter at all which playthrough you are on.