Some questions for begginer

How do you restart missed undiscovered quests?Does Doc mercy drop rapid infinity​ same level as character in TVHM level 45? Where is best place to get rapid infinity​ in TVHM lvl 45?

The level of drops depends on the level of the map, which in turn depends on either the level of the player or story mission when entering a zone for the first time. Like NVHM, most maps in TVHM do not scale (same exceptions as NVHM: Caustic Caverns, Lynchwood, Dust).

In Doc Mercy’s case, I would guess the drop level would depend on the level of the mission sequence when you start it. Once you’ve completed and turned in the mission, you can go back and farm him, but the drop level won’t change until you complete main story TVHM. If you’re already level 45, I’d just keep an eye out for a decent blue or purple anarchist at the level and element you want, and press on until you’ve completed main story.

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Just to add, if you complete TVHM story everything scales to level 50.

you go to the maps with those missions, and head for the exclamation marks and accept them

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