Some questions/issues regarding Kid Ultra's helix

Overall I’m finally getting the hand of KU (took me longer than some :confused:) but now that i’ve gotten his final mutation unlocked, I just wanted to point some things out that I have issues with

Level 5- all are pretty viable options, however I think the right one should heal KU for the full 5 seconds. Some minor testing in PvE shows it might proc a 10 point heal when killing a minor enemy, but that’s not what’s on the tin and is near useless. Because of this, there’s only one real option for solo PvE which is the +40% duration. If the swarming nanites healed him for 5 seconds like it says, it would be a much more viable option in line with the other options.

Level 7- Off-screen relaod isn’t anywhere near as useful as the other two options. +18% damage or 15% movement speed are both amazing options and some insta-reload that is one of the quickest in the game doesn’t really make sense.

Level 10- I’m not sure how in the world Friendly skies was seen to be a viable option for him? it doesn’t seem to do nearly anything and is super situational compared to the extra healing or extra damage. I’d love to see this reworked into something else- maybe allowing to pass through enemies while in hover mode?

Overall KU’s design is very on point and his attack cycle has had a lot of attention to it, however his last two mutations pale in comparison to both the tiers they are on and the other mutations he is given. I think some more minor refinements to make his tier 5 more PvE friendly and then some different ideas for mutations to replace tier 7 or 10. obviously theres a lot of creativity that has gone into his design and those options don’t seem useful or helpful all that much.

The only thing I see viable out of friendly skies is being able to heal allies with the whole acceleration factor of his ult without being stopped/slowed and having to regain his speed on the way to his destination but situationally would need to have gained enough speed and have enough open space. I see it as one of those silly but amusing choices such as benedict’s divebomb or rath’s stun or toby’s self destruct, it would make for some cool and dramatic rescues lol