Some requests/suggestions for patches, please

When looking at loot, it would be great to have the option to TAKE AS JUNK so the item is automatically marked as trash in your inventory. Sometimes you only pick up an item for its sale value knowing at the time it’s not as good as stuff you already own. This would save a lot of time later having to re-evaluate and re-calculate the worthiness of your loot at a Marcus vending machine.

Also, when you’re purchasing loot, the word “Purchased” appears right over the display, blocking how much ammo you might still need to buy. Can “Purchased” appear ABOVE the rectangular box instead of obscuring it? Minor, yet annoying over time.

Please show MULTIPLE QUEST MARKERS in a given area, maybe with a different color for the available quests that are not marked as “active.” This would save a lot of time having to go back and re-clear an area when you were right there, departed a hard-fought area and didn’t realize it until later.

Lastly, would it kill the programmers and voice actors to say the ACTUAL NAME of the vault hunter you’re playing, at least once in a while, to make the experience a little more immersive? I mean, there are only four options, and it gets annoying to be called “killer” all the time by Lilith, for example, although I don’t mind being called “sugar” by Moxxi or “Slab” by Brick. Main characters such as Lilith, Marcus, Ellie, and Claptrap all know the “vault hunter’s” name, and should use it once in a while. Being called “vault hunter” by random people or strangers makes sense, but it makes no sense to be so-called by friends and other vault hunters, except maybe Tannis, who has no social skills. Even if they recorded Lilith just saying, “Hey, Zane!” “What’s up, Amara?” “Over here, Moze” and “Good to see you, Flak”, they could be interespersed with other generic greetings. Zane is a nice guy, in my view, and not well-suited to “killer”, like Brick or Zero. The game goes to great lengths to make each vault hunter look individualized, and yet calls everyone by the same generic terms.