Some serious concerns

We have run into an issue people and the damage that is caused by it keeps spreading and growing every day.
While the game itself has its struggles, this actually supports the actual problem, its nothing that took away from my enjoyment of this game.
What directly leads to the main concern I have we are talking about modded gear now.

I feel like it needs to be said right now I do not support the use of modded gear, I will delete any post on how modded gear can be spread in order to make conversation possible.

Let me share with you what i have experienced as a day 1 user of BL3.
Lemme skip the playthrough the Story and get into endgame.
Me playing as Fl4k and my Bro as Amara a friend of us as Moze and we all had quite a good time until endgame hit Wotan came and we have been weak i mean really.
But Amara had her time to shine.
We quite frequently joined lobbys just to check out had a fun time for sure.

Some time ahead we managed to beat even the hardest contents at times then weapons get weak or a level cap is coming and this and that and so on well there is always people trying to find their ways to get strong.

Everything was normal until that one day and now every lobby is jacked.
I don’t know when it started to take of one PC but on console the lobbys where fine quite some time after dlc2.
This problem takes overhand and really kills my drive to connect with others in order to take on things like guardian takedown, so we basically avoid playing online except with friends we know.

As for right now there is no official statement from Gearbox in regard to this topic.
This is quite unfortunate by not acting upon those people who actually spread this gear you are passively supporting the exploitation of your own game.

I mean i don’t see a problem in modded gear itself some devs take advantage of the creativity of their community some don’t. Some might even make cash out of it.

While the devs are seemingly tried to make tons of builds viable only 1 or 2 skill trees for each VH and few guns are viable in reality.
People got tired. This is the outcome. You guys don’t need to feel responsible but that’s where you lose me if you don’t.