Some Serious Issues with a GTX970

I am using GTX970 with 347.52 (latest) Nvidia Driver. I am on 1080, 144 Hz monitor.

Link to my dxdiag

Hey @Abvex – could you please share all of this information with our support team at

Will be helpful to get the team investigating.

Heya, in your settings turn off all extra settings (Bloom, God Rays, Motion Blur, DoF, UI Effects, etc). Also, make sure you have some AA (2-4x). The issue is that your depth-buffer is invalid or just angry.

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Ah - also depth-bias. Just fall back to low (your texture settings can be 100%, won’t matter)…

Hey, do you by any chance have MSI-Afterburner running or another program that can show an on screen display ? Because I got the same see-through effect that is visible in your screenshots while I was doing the tutorial and tried to bring up the OSD.

Fraps on the other hand doesn’t mess up my graphics, so it might just be MSI Afterburner that causes this effect (at least for me).

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@BitVenom Thanks! those certainly helped!

@maelrizzo Here have a like, that worked.

Glad I could help :slight_smile: I just hope this issue with Afterburner gets fixed, since I really wanna see my GPU and CPU clock, load, temperature and voltage while gaming, just a tic of mine I guess but since this is a popular tool I’m pretty sure more people have this issue with it.

I’m having the same issues here on a GTX 660 Ti however none of these options are working for me. Not running MSI Afterburner, turned down every setting to lowest possible, the only overlay that I have is the Steam one and I’ve disabled that too.

Any other ideas of what I could try? I’ve got the latest nvidia drivers (347.52). I’m completely lost here…

For me personally the 347.52 has not worked so well with another game, so you might wanna try an older driver, the 337.50 is supposed to be quite stable so you might wanna try that one unless you are using DSR, which was only introduced in the 344 drivers for Kepler cards.

I tried this just now, clean installation, still the same thing :frowning:

Would it matter at all that my i5-2500k is overclocked to 4ghz? It’s water cooled and runs at a very stable temperature, though.

No it shouldn’t matter, since the CPU isn’t responsible for the visuals (mostly), an unstable CPU clock would most likely result in either a freeze, a bluescreen or a gamecrash but not faulty graphics. I run a I5 3570k @4.7 Ghz myself and I can tell you, while I was still testing it for stability, not once did it result in visual glitches ;).

The CPU is responsible for things like AI, physics (unless the game uses Nvidia Physix and you have an Nvidia card) sometimes shadow and smoke calculations (depending on how its implemented) and other “background” stuff, which of course is still important but you mostly don’t see in the form of visuals.

If your GPU is overclocked on the other hand, that might be the cause of some graphical glitches, so if thats the case for you, try to lower your Vram clockrate a little (start with -50mhz) and see if that fixes it. If you reach -200mhz and still get glitches start lowering your GPU’s coreclock by 50mhz and see if that helps.

It’s just a stock nvidia gtx 660 ti … I’m getting exactly what OP was linking in his pictures with the see through ships but no black screens as he posted. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Homeworld, tried multiple versions of the nvidia drivers all with clean installations, made adjustments to all video settings, going to both maximum on all setting and lowest on all settings as BitVenom suggested, but I’m still in the same spot. I have zero problems in any other game, I’ve never encountered glitches like this before.

Anything else I can try? Do you really think adjust my clock and vram rate on my video card is going to make a difference in see through ship textures?

Faulty Vram CAN result in visual glitches, yes, but it might be something else entirely and usually when the Vram gets damaged it shows in more than just one game to be honest. I would say its worth a shot since its easy to try and can be reverted just as easily, but at this point I would say the chances of the Vram being the cause are slim, but I would test it just to be on the safe side.

@phrausty try turning steam overlay off.

phrausty - Make sure you document this via Gearbox Support - but I may want to talk to you somehow - please private message me if GBX Support doesn’t get you a fix. Maybe we can Skype about your issues and try a few things - may help me fix for others!

@abvex I did try this and it didn’t work either :\

Do you by chance have a second card you can test the game with ? Or another computer you can put your card in and test the game on that System instead ? Just to rule out the card as the source of the issue.

Yeah my wife has a old card, a GTX 260 I think … I can try that after she’s done working on her computer.

Alright, it might not look as pretty on it, but it should run at least and you can see if you get the same problems or not. You have to install an older driver tho, since the current drivers only support cards starting with the 400 series and up.


It was Trillian … Trillian has an in game interface that can pop up so you don’t have to tab out to talk to people. I started closing programs in my system tray systematically and that was the culprit. That Trillian feature can also be disabled, but I just closed it entirely for now. Thank you all for your help … apparently Homeworld really doesn’t like any type of third party overlay.

Regardless, I’m loving the game except for this damn mission 6 … :wink: