Some Ship Designs

Iv been working on some ships for the last year or so and i think my Practice has paid off



It just needs some textures…

Thats about the only thing i cannot do… Textures :frowning:

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I feel your pain.

Textures don’t really test your skills, they only test your persistence.


It looks like they are textured. Aren’t those lights asking the side? These ships remind me of the taiidan transport from cataclysm. I like them.


They are very lightly Textured… i used a add-on to help with the texturing

What did you make them in?

Made them in blender then exported them to a program my brother made that helps with texture mapping and normal mapping

Ooo , what program is this? Is it good?

It doesn’t have a name yet but its super basic C++ Language… my brother is still developing it

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