Some sort of pvp tutorial for n00bs

Ok. I know I’m probably not the first to think this and surely I won’t be the last. But there really needs to be a pvp tutorial for people, who it would seem, have NEVER played a game in their life. Yes, I am a try hard and I like winning. If I put so much effort into a match but of course can’t 5v1 cause my teammates fed the enemy team and they are all 10 and the game is practically over from the get go. Anyways. Point is, there needs to be a pvp tutorial for all aspects of pvp. Starting with this list.

  1. All 3 game modes and what exactly you are supposed to do. I know there is a video right before you go into the match but it would seem some new people don’t pay attention to it and don’t understand what they need to be doing. I.e. capture match. I’ve had a whole team before that would just play team death match basically and when they get kills they walk right pass a point that belongs to enemy looking for more enemies to kill. There’s been matches where I have been the only on to secure points before and it’s very frustrating.
  2. In the tutorial, show about team comp. I.e. healers, tanks, dd and territorial. I know, yet again, it states this in character mode, but new people have no clue about anything of the characters they chose and their teammates characters. Meaning if I’m Miko and soely healing you, don’t run away from a 2v1 when you have full shields and health. This is the most annoying thing. Miko can 1v1 yes, but on just healing alone not gonna happen.
  3. Advised the new played about the maps. I.e. thumper turrets and why you shouldn’t dive in at lvl 1 when your enemy is at full health and your almost dead… pretty much you are giving them a free kill and free experience. All they have to do is sneeze on you and your dead, don’t go…
  4. And lastely. Make the person going through the tutorial play a match on every game type against bots. This way they can use the knowledge they learned and try it in a relaxing setting before getting thrown into pvp where they will get wrecked for not knowing what they are doing.

Now I’m not saying that everybody should have to go through this, but it should be an option that states " Hey, new to this type of game? Maybe you should go through this tutorial first. If you aren’t new to this game and know a thing or two, you can go ahead and skip it and get on to the fun. And also also, I know there’s a prologue, but that doesn’t teach these new peeps how to play pvp. Or really even campaign for that matter. You play as Melka who doesn’t even get unlocked until later on. So new peeps will have no idea what’s going on.
That’s all, thanks for your time. I’m sure there will be some rage comments and what not, but I couldn’t care less. All in all, I love this game and have played more than 30+ hrs now and am lvl 47, but somethings gotta be done.

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I don’t think a PvP tutorial would do much to help the situation and you’ve already mentioned why in your post: some players just don’t pay attention to these things. If they can’t be bothered to watch a 20 something seconds long video before the match, they sure as heck won’t waste time going through a PvP tutorial, they just wanna jump right into the action.

Furthermore, what you’re requesting doesn’t sound like a tutorial so much as an in-depth guide to PvP. I’ve no doubt there already are plenty of videos and written guides alike on the internet for new players to watch/read at their convenience. The resources are already available out there, all you need is a trip to youtube or a simple google search.

Also, reading guides and watching videos will only get you so far. Playing a new game, especially if the genre is unfamiliar to you, can be a confusing experience. It took me a while to get the hang of Battleborn and I still have much to learn. I’ve had to chance to participate in both the CTT and the Beta but not everyone did, some are experiencing this game for the very first time and need to be given a chance to learn.

I would recommend finding a group to play with. There’s a sub-forum for every platform where you can make a LFG post or reply to an existing one. You can also try friending random people you enjoyed playing with.

I want a training area where I can test different builds/gear out.

I know the pain bro. When my group isn’t on and I solo queue I am amazed by the amount of terrible players in the game.

As a PvP nooob I can see that a tutorial for noobs would be nice. It’s pretty overwhelming when you are used to single-player games to be thrown into the maelstrom of multiplayer.

For example, when I try COD or Battlefront or similar, I just get put-off and go back to Fallout.

This idea could help BOTH camps - the veterans who don’t want to deal with hopeless noobs and noobs who would otherwise just leave very quickly.

This is needed.