Some spare cosmetics

Looking to trade some of my spare cosmetics.

Hombre x2
Ronin x2
One Last Job
Sure, Why Not? x2 (Legendary)

Ravenous (Legendary)

Echo Theme:
Pepperoni (Legendary)
Eye Pad (Legendary)
Game Comrade

Weapon Trinket:
Just In Case (Legendary)

Weapon Skin:
Deep Nebula x2 (Legendary)

LF Dreadful Visage mostly but willing to trade other cosmetics.

PSN: CParker-

Will trade Dreadful Visage for the Ravenous skin

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sure thing
PSN: CParker-

Request sent

Still waiting for that one to come through. Would you like me to try and send a request to you instead?

sure rei2k

Looking for Zane creature of the night skin psn $10 card for it Clutch_Nixon_21