Some special edition?

Asked blackbird on their site without any result.
So, does Gearbox plan to announce some collectors edition like was with remastered edition? With some art book or model (but not as crappy as in Remastered :wink:). I think every huge fan like me will be very happy to order it.
Or I can wait no more and pre-order digital version on Steam?:unamused:

Shame, because in 2013 when Blackbird announced Hardware, they offered Prospector Guide about units and fractions…

Note that they said “physical collector’s edition”, not “physical edition”.
And perhaps they will include the guide you talk about in a digital form.

Any news of this?

The prospector guide is included for all pre-orders and can be bought separately as DLC for non-preorders. Contains a lot of lore, images, videos and a 3D unit viewer.

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