Some suggestions and asks

I’m sure that this has been written elsewhere but I just wanted to drop in my two cents for improvements.

  • I definitely don’t mind replaying story missions, especially to unlock content, but the more we play the game, the more specific the objectives become when trying to unlock content. If I have one mission in which I need to get a gold medal, then it would be a huge help to select from all missions when in Story Public mode, and not just from a small selection.

  • A couple of characters like Ghalt and Deande can only be unlocked if story missions are completed on Advanced with Silver medals or greater. But in order to do this, difficulty can only be set in Story Private. Please allow for “Advanced” difficulty in Story Public mode. Forcing a story private game seems needlessly complicated when most of the other character unlocks can be done playing in public matches.

Otherwise, I am really enjoying this game and hope that it just continues to get better over time!

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Advanced matchmaking is supposedly being added in the first big update in a few weeks with alani

Also lfg for days is what it took for me to get them



Thank you for listening to the community, Gearbox!!!