Some Suggestions to improve the game

We’ve been playing Battleborn for about 3 weeks, and here are some suggestions that we think would greatly improve the game.

  1. have a steam sale (steam summer sale). the number of players on steam playing BB has dropped from a high of 12,000 at the start to an average of 1,150 during prime time hours (6pm to midnight). some of these people will be in PVE and in private matches - so the number of actual people queuing for matches is considerably lower. also add in that matches take 30 minutes to complete (with 10 people for a match) and the pool of people available for new matches guarantees long Queue times. last night it took almost 15 minutes at 9pm to fill out my party of 5 (I soloed queued) and to find an opposing party to play. a steam sale would bring in a new influx of fresh meat (err… new players) and bring some life back to the game.

  2. why do my teammates block my shots? the game is designed around fighting at chokepoints and nothing frustrates us more than a huge team mate in the middle of the lane, blocking all of our firepower. same goes for the bubble shield around our sentry. it just makes gameplay difficult, the same can be said for trying to maneuver montanna or toby around the field and getting blocked by teammates and small objects on the ground. very frustrating.

  3. it would be nice to have a team target marker that could be tagged on an enemy player or object. so much stuff is flaying around that it is hard to coordinate as a team without some tools.

  4. health bars for team members and a full sized map display would be nice. the health bars are obvious - so that we know how others are fairing in the group and who needs help and who doesn’t. the map would be nice so that after respawing I can take a look and have a more strategic idea of what is going on in the field. please add turrets (and their levels) to the map so all the information is present.

  5. AI bots to replace team mates that disconnect. nothing sucks more than losing someone (disconnection) and being down 4 players to 5 enemy players.

  6. scoring. the current formula (2X kills + assists) completely leaves out shards, minions and building turrets.
    also seems like there should be a penalty for getting killed.

  7. consider an option that would allow us to switch heroes during a match (maybe something that uses shards) or a gear item. if you make a bad choice, depending on tactical situations … your stuck.

hope my suggestions spark some ideas for the devs. its a fun game that would be a shame to see disappear.



I like 7 actually.
not to compare to Overwatch much but the player switching was a huge turn off for me because of how often you can do it. But if hero switching was allowed for a price in BB for say 1800 shards or so, I would be ok with that.
I actually had a match where I felt kind of bad because I main Isic and the enemy team only had 1 character that could kick me out of my ult. I bet the wished they could have changed their heros to someone with a stun like Kelvin.

Because being shot by an entire team through a Montana is not really fun, or tactical.
(Also, some characters can shoot through allies)

We had that, it got removed. Probably because you could mark a target just as they ran away, and still see them through walls even if no one had a LOS on them.

There is one thing that suck more than one disconnected teammate. It’s a bot suiciding against the enemy team and giving them experience.

I think they said they are working on it.

Way too much of a game changer.

  1. Yes I agree with you even though I’m on ps4 and haven’t really had any issues

  2. Shooting through the sentry shields absolutely but shooting through teammates no it would cause more problems than it fixes. Imagine OM sitting behind Isic with his shields going. It takes bobyblocking to a whole new level.

  3. This is actually already in the game(at least on ps4) its buggy but its there.

  4. The health bars are being discussed in another thread and being debated, I see both sides of the argument but I don’t think its necessary. The map when you respawn would be cool though.

  5. I go back and forth on this if they put it to where the bot is worth less XP then sure. But otherwise it would be a problem with everybody just taking out the bot to lvl up in game really fast. The bots are terrible lol

  6. I actually made a thread about this yesterday and it needs revamped.

  7. I dont think it would work with this game. It might work for OW but it would destroy the balance in this game if everybody is switching characters. I like the way it is where if your plan isn’t working you have to think of a new plan

here is another suggestion

  1. I’d like to have a predefined set of helix choices - so that I dont have to waste time picking and choosing while in a big fight. if that’s not possible, than a way to undo my last helix choice would be great. in the heat of battle I have made the wrong choice too many times.


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I’d like to be able to auto-set my Helixes before the match, too.

While the versatility is nice if you find you need something in a match that goes outside your expected build, maybe to compensate for a character who’s not pulling their weight, or something to specialize against an opponent who’s REALLY performing well, I often find myself in protracted firefights with one or two Helixes stored up. I recognize it’s player skill to know your build and what you’re going to take at each level so that you can just pop in and out of the Helix menu while waiting on a shield recharge or something, but I know there’s been situations where I’d have survived an encounter if I’d had a particular Helix I’ve already earned active, rather than going in to need to activate it. Oscar Mike or Shayne’s shield recharge triggers on stealth are a perfect example.

its a skill tree after all, just 3 columns - but a skill tree it is.
makes no sense to have to pick choices on the fly.

oh, and another item.

  1. Loadouts should be tied to characters and not free standing.
    give each character one loadout, and allow additional purchases for more.


First off, thank you Gearbox for taking a risk and giving us a new IP that is an incredibly deep game and a new PVP experience (mixing MOBA, FPS, and Melee). Please know I have had a blast with the game and make these comments out of passion rather than anger.

Please, give us an option to play PVP with no gear at all or maybe everyone gets the same loadout. I guarantee that will fix half of the balance issues in PVP because in some ways I think the gear is breaking the PVP game especially for newcomers that don’t have loot stashes built up. If that can’t be done, maybe even just eliminate health regenerator loot pieces altogether (just for PVP, keep them for PVE), this will maximize the need for the healer/support class characters. The most lopsided games i have been in are ones where the opposing team had a geared to the max alani or thorn that won’t friggin’ die.

Please note: I’m not saying "take away all gear in PVP’, please by all means keep game modes that still include gear in PVP because that does add to the depth and strategy of the game!

Also, increased hit box sizes or more powerful damage done to smaller/thinner aka very hard to hit characters (alani, thorn, orendi). I’m seeing these characters go close toe to toe w/ Montanas and smoking them.

Just a personal preference, Eldrid should have shields like everyone else and take away the rapid health regeneration. So many helix perks deal with shield damage and those perks are worthless against opposing teams loaded with Eldrid characters.



I don’t understand why they would change any of these things? The game is made like that : learn to play the way it is. No? I understand changing some stuff that do not change the way the game is played (like UI stuff) but basic gameplay elements ? It’s not the same game after that. I guess my 30 years of gaming miss the old days where you had a game, you learned how to beat that game and you felt proud after doing it.

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If you don’t have gear, just play story mode. It’s there so you can get items for good loadouts, as well as learning how to play your character. Don’t blame the game if the fault is simply the player’s choice.

I wish we had the opportunity to change gear and load out without having to back out.

I believe I read somewhere that GBX didn’t want gear to be a huge part of the game. Unfortunately I believe it is and really enjoy that part of the game.

The issue is if someone picks your character and you’re not set up gear wise, you can be SOL

There have been times where I could have had a much better load out but would be forced to back out.

So, I hope one day we can change gear at any point; even during a game, as long as No gear has been activated.