Some suggestions

Played some games with the gang tonight, and I have some things I want to say.

First of all, can we please for the love of god do something about boldur? The dude is completely and utterly broken. He poses a threat that no other Battleborn can even attempt. 1000+ damage in seconds at level 4? Come on. Is that a joke? Nobody in this game can survive a 4v1. That’s not how this game works.

Secondly has to do with Kid Ultra. Am I the only one that can’t land his drone? In 90% of active situations it is impossible to land. Intentionally anyway. You have to get lucky that your teammate doesn’t spaz away from your firing location. I either have to be point blank, or like shouting at my fiends to sit still in the middle of all the talking just so I can give them heals.

Another thing about the drone is when it DOES fly past your teammate, there is no indication for your team as to where it landed, nor that you even fired it at all, so they’re oblivious and now your only heal is on cooldown.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these


Boldur is ridiculous… I’m surprised I don’t see that many around. We’ve only tried using him in our team once, for an Incursion match we really wanted to win. We were all over the sentry on the first wave. It felt gross. Hard CC would have stopped us at that point, of course, but he’s a phenomenal tank with his overshielded DR and shield health pool. And once gets his ult, damn.

Pretty sure a Miko + Boldur both wielding the Eldrid DLC legendary would be truly immortal, but again, everyone seems too tactful to go there…


On top of that, boldur’s base movement speed isn’t exactly slow

I had to play against I think 4 or 5 yesterday in a row. I was pissed all of those matches. The sad thing is a few of the people I talked to about him seem to think he isn’t totally broken. Just a little strong is all…

What that is crazy.
That is like saying Miko’s heals and speed in the early life of battleborn wasn’t OP.
That Ambra wasn’t a “Ra” aka a god in Beta…
I really can’t stand the “new” Boldur

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Remember, Kid Ultra’s drones remain discreetly on the battlefield after deployment even if they do miss, and are very small. They should appear with a green outline to allies however, and aren’t too hard to just run over and pick up.


I have never liked boldur. I also never thought he was weak early game either but I seemed to have been alone in that statement

They really aren’t that discreet. I don’t have much trouble spotting enemy KU drones, as they have a light underneath them that illumnates the ground around them, actually hitting them isn’t as easy. But in the seconds your teammate needs a heal, the time between them finding the missed drone and picking it up could be the difference between life and death

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Up close, yeah. But at a distance most people don’t notice, and in my experience half the time they won’t bother destroying it even if they do notice it.

The point isn’t the fact they are vulnerable on the ground. The point I was making with my OP was that it’s hard to heal with them. If they are on the ground then they aren’t healing, unless you have that one helix, which is questionable as it is

Hmm. Good point. But still, if a teammate is running and you aim in front of him he’ll likely pick up the drone as he runs.

At first I had to ask people to stand still to land my drones, but now I’m hitting them on allies mid combat with regularity. It takes a bit of practice. Fortunately if you miss you can ping or tell them where your drone landed at least.

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Drones can also be left ,in advance, around corners for “tactical retreats”.

I don’t have too much trouble with KU’s drones, throwing them or picking them up.

Seeing (and grabbing) drone laying around on the ground is like getting a power-up, tying in to his retro theme. Hitting your teammates with them is good for your lore or when they’re in dire nee, dropping them on the ground makes more of a “get this whenever.”

…and yes Boldur is very broken right now. He always was, now he’s just even more broken. I’m hoping they’ll change up his helix a little, so it’s tankiness OR damage, never both.

Dwarf Fighter, or Dwarf Berserker? Decisions, decisions…

I really have trouble being the solo healer with Kid Ultra :frowning:

I suck with his ult and I can’t land his drones. I’m so ■■■■■■■ bummed out because I have been looking so forward to him and I was wanting to play him exclusively.

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Yeah, he’s a secondary healer like Kleese, Reyna, and Alani. He can’t keep a push going.

“1000+ damage in seconds at level 4? Come on. Is that a joke? Nobody in this game can survive a 4v1.”

Just for curiosity, how you made this math?

The game told me how much damage he did when he killed me

How much is “seconds”? :slight_smile:

Boldur’s been ridic since release and they only made it worse.