Some T1 Skins look pretty poor

There are quite a few characters which T1 skins look quite poor … I think Marquis f.e. is among the worst.

His vanilla skin has so much style … who thought it was a good idea to make his skins as if someone just poured a bucket of color over him?
Even the shiny gold parts are just the same color as the suit …
After thinking about it this sadly concerns several characters.

On a related note … T2 and T3 skins are yet to be added, aren´t they?


They are coming in the first update, no word on when that will be but I imagine 2-3 weeks from now.

I agree though, this bothered me that there is mostly no secondary color on re-skins, just one color all over. Very unappealing

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There are quite a few I actually like, but -just as you said- those without any secondary colors and no distinction of character parts are pretty poor …

It´s not a big deal but I don´t get why it´s there in the first place.

As a developer I would be pretty concerned with the aesthetics of my game. Footage of whole characters soaked in pink or blue might be catchy … but not in a good way.


Oh 100% its odd really, you would think they look at it like we do and… really its kind of, lazy? I don’t want to be mean but I could really live without some of these re-colors.

Hoping the Tier 2 and Tier 3 skins are awesome! Saving all my credits for the packs when they release

It’s not pink, it’s light-ish red!


It is disappointing that the only alternative skins in the game at the moment are just simple palette swaps. Horrible palette swaps at that.

The worst is that your reward for mastering a character is again just a simple palette swap.

@VaultHunter101 I know you want to save your masculinity, but it’s a whole lot easier to just say pink dude.

On topic: I agree with this. I main Marquis and just use his gold skin just cause it’s gold and a preorder bonus, but I would love to see at least some secondary colors added to them.

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