Some things from the stream that are very concerning

I loved all of the new announced maps and some of the character reworks but 2 of the reworks concerned me.

  1. Mellka: they’re halfing the poison duration but making it do more damage and giving wound. This means she can apply poison more frequently and do more damage than before, along with a wound so unless the damage buff on poison is small I don’t think this will work so well

  2. The kleese health buff: kleese is now going to get around 1300 health… It’s very difficult to rip kleese from his territory and kill him as is, but adding more health to him is just a bad idea he will be able to sustain much more effectively and be able to frontline much more.if anything they should’ve given him a shield buff not a health buff.


Apparently Kleese had such low health due to a bug. They fixed it. They might tweak his health later on, his real health hasn’t had real play testing yet.


I know but if anything it should have been like 1k or something not 1.3 k but I guess we won’t know til we see it in play

What’s your thoughts on the mellka thing

I’m not sure. I agree that it could be a little over the top, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Idk why they even made a change to mellka she was perfectly fine imo. But if poison still does the same damage in less time then I’m afraid mellka will become super broken

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I prefer the poison this way. I agree this will do more DPS, but the current problem is that because it lasts so long it takes longer until you can start recharging your shield so escaping her can be pretty rough.

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Kleese was probably the easiest to kill. Toby isn’t far after.

Shield Pen still tears Kleese apart.

I understand your concern over the Mellka issue. I think the buff was unwarranted. She’s already very good. Though, I don’t know if she’s going to get that much extra poison damage out of the duration change (except to minions). It’s not super easy to hit targets with the poison, if you’ve played her.

It also decreases her window to get bonus damage from her other attacks on envenomed targets


Personally, it’s a nerf to me. Less melee damage, faster enemy shield recharge, and you have to apply it more often. Additionally I’ve heard that her Spike is getting wound, not just her venom.

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if wound was the choice for spike or lunge at lvl 1 instead of slow, she’d be better balanced. The most mobile hero’s having a slow, wound, and stronger dot is just silly broken


This is going to weaken her DoT, not make it stronger. If they’re adding wounding to it then that means that the wounding duration is going to be shorter. It also keeps their shield down for longer, makes it less useful for tracking cloaked targets (which TBH is big, because most people don’t have a good way to track Deande after Holotwin), and will likely result in fewer kills against people who wait until the last second to run away. As somebody who mains Mellka, I can honestly say that I’d very much prefer that they not cut the duration of venom. It’s a nice tool for keeping shields down and tracking cloaked enemies, but it’s not something that I really rely on for DPS. This is going to change it from a useful tool into a little bit more damage.

twas a bit unsettling to hear lead balance designer describe rath as perfectly balanced. It’s just lame that pounce, a much harder attack to land than the easiest skill to hit in game (catalytic smash), has a third of the silence time. Designer said pounce is meant to interrupt, so does that mean smash is meant to be autodeath? Remembering his celebration of rath’s having the most kills I think so. But considering cooldowns and spawn timers late in game, a lot of heroes can basically get caught on a dreadwind cycle of death, which sucks and is bad design imo


They said venom effect (damage over time) is stronger but duration of venom effect (damage per second) is curtailed by half.

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Edit: huh… things are not worded as I thought…

I’m reading the talent calculator and I think they changed some of the wording to make her talents more clear. Everything says “Venom”, now (or maybe it always did).
Also, you should be saying “poison”, because “Venom” is a talent for Mellka’s spike.

But yea.

@thread: To summarize for Mellka (based on what we know now)

  • Venom (her poison) will deal more poison per tick, but not last as long (8 seconds --> 4 seconds)
  • Spike skill usage will wound damaged enemies (unclear as to if it wounds enemies that are afflicted with Vemon or if it is an addition to the “Parting Gift” talent)
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Yes, I understand that. I’m saying that the duration is what makes it useful, not th damage that it deals. A shorter duration makes it less effective for keeping shields down, keeping enemies from teleporting to base, tracking stealthed enemies, and even actually finishing off targets. As it is now it ticks for long enough that if you work them over good enough before they run you have a chance of venom dealing enough damage after they leave to kill them. After the change they’ll be able to see how fast their healh is dropping and run away, and the timer on venom will run out fast enough that it will likely expire as soon as they’re out of sight.


They never said that they’re changing the helix that increases venom duration though. It would be a huge sacrifice over having venom bullets but if you wanted the 8 seconds it’s still possible

That’s still going to give you a shorter duration, AND remove one of her best helix options.

well either way you look at it the rework on mellka just shouldn’t happen