Some things that need fixing or adjusting

  1. Formations. They seem to start ok some of them at least at idle but when they go to attack ships they just split apart and act randomly. This needs fixing so they stay in the formation given otherwise whats the point imo. Wall seems bugged because they dont form a wall they tend to form a cross shape instead when i tried doing a wall formation of ints of about 10 or so.

  2. Salvage corvette doesnt have the fx when latching on to things compared to hw1, please fix.

  3. No team color picking for sp of hw1 (probs same for hw2). Please consider allowing this.

  4. No taiidan sp race selection, it lets us play through the game twice as a experiance like in hw1 classic, please consider allowing this again.

  5. Keybindings are weird but since there rebindable its ok i guess.

  6. Assault frigs in hw1 mission 3 destroys the trays too quick, i wanted to capture all 4 but i couldnt due to having no rus at start of mission so getting more sal corvs was slow and i only had the 1. So was lowering all of their health so i could cap easier but the way they fire from arcs one at a time now makes them fire more and so they kill the trays too quick and so i lost the mission. Granted i could have killed some and just got one or two but meh wheres the fun in that. Look at increasing the trays health or something please.

  7. Pressing esc doesnt go one screen back, can this be made so when you press esc u can get the menu to come up and also step back a screen instead of having to click on accept or cancel or whatever on the menus. Its a conveinance thing but most games do this and would have liked hw to have it.

  8. Multi displays, when using 2 monitors u cant pan to the right due to the cursor going to other screen, can you mouse lock it to main monitor so we can pan properly when moving the mouse to the side of the screen?

So far thats it i guess, i will add more when i find stuff.


Also minor issue, Turanic ion array frigates clip through the small docking bay instead of using the large one like they did in homeworld 1 classic.

Thanks for the feedback folks. Great to have it here, but please submit via our support page as well! :smile:

We need mouse sensitivity and panning sensitivity. Why were these taken out ? :S

Mission 3 - HW1

You can capture the assault frigs but you cant keep them once they dock they do not reappear. This is really sad to have discovered. Why on earth do you prevent us from having or using taiidan ships? I mean a salvage corv is suppose to capture ships so u can have them in your fleet. Sigh.

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Jeffy i went to that link then clicked on the link there then got this, using chrome browser.

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

Back to safetyAdvanced

Got the same error on Jeffy link

Also, support frigates, that latching might work for reparir corvettes but doesn’t work at all with support frigates, they are slow and take forver to do such move,pretty useless, also they can’t repair corvettes like that, change it for a area of effect heal might work

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  1. The team color picking for SP is in Player Profiles.

  2. Eh. Kind of agree.

  3. You can rebind the Menu key (default F10) to the Escape key

Your right you can alter your colors in sp.

Steps incase ppl dont know.

  1. Go to player profiles, select the race from the drop down box near the center right of the screen in my case kushan for hw1 sp. Pick ur two colors and a badge then apply or save, then you should have them in sp, i did this at end of mission 3 but didnt show when i hyperspaced to mission 4 i got the new colors. Screenie provided.

I tried rebinding esc as suggested but all it does is bring the menu up when playing or closes it, if you go to options screen pressing esc doesnt go back one screen to main menu for example which is what id like to happen.

Support frigs : Ok so im at the end of mission 4 so i figured i would test the support frigs healing. So i set it to heal a idle assault frig while i have a heavy corv and a other ass frig force attack (ctrl and shift) the idle ass frig. So the support frigs beam is imo too small and very tightly focused on a near ship not a ship a fair distance away like in classic. Also i notice that the support frig seems to bump into the idle ass frig while trying to heal so the beam covers the ship. Imo to fix this it needs to have a larger distance between support frig and what its healing its beam should also extend futher so the support frig doesnt need to be too close after all they are support frigs and should be at a good distance “out” of the battlefield to help support your units. Not cling to them.

Gee, Diamond Shoals is horribly ported, that mission needs URGENT revision…

You can’t send strikecraft because they take no care in avoiding the asteroids. I lost 30 ships in 5 seconds.

Okay, let’s send only my capital ships. I can’t order them a general attack issue like I do in HW1 because they only avoid the asteroid they’re attacking. And also they go head on to it.

This mission is gonna take a pain to complete at this rate.

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Dock your strike craft keep just cap ships and frigs and does force attacking the asteroids with ctrl and shift bandboxing or single selection work on them at all? Your still gona get beat up but hopefully you can at least blow some up on the way.

Has anyone else experienced a pathfinding issue on Mission 4? The Bentusi ship prevents my resource controller from moving. I start the mission with 0 RU, so the timing is such that after two trips (900 RU, enough to make the controller) from my collector, the Bentusi ship spawns as my controller finishes. It comes out of the Mothership’s bay and simply does not move, but it moves just fine after the Bentusi ship leaves. This is really frustrating because I end up having way less resources than I should when the Turanic raiders attack. I’ve been able to consistently reproduce this.

@skeeteruk – In regards to Mission 3, that is strange. When I started Mission 3, I had exactly 1000 RU, and I know I had much less when I completed the last mission, so I figure it has to be given to you at the start of the mission.

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Apparently when I salvaged the Taiidan Empire’s border fleet carrier, it was too fat and clipped through half the Mothership. >_>

Odd bug. Doing HW1 mission 5 and I capture the carrier. After it gets to the mothership and converts it starts launching all the fighters it apparently had docked. They are red enemies to me but they are not hostile and my ships do not fire on them. They follow the carrier around on parade formation.

I got that bug too also i couldnt build from carrier also which was a shame.

Another bug, hyperspacing after a mission, mission 5 in this case, and cancelled it i then couldnt use sensor manager till i hyperspaced properly. I cancelled it as forgot about ru collecting.

Would it be sufficient to just disable mouse panning (you can still pan with the keyboard). It’s in the options, just FYI in case you didn’t know.