Some thoughts for a noob player

I play it for a while, but i’m not that kind of player that love a “only” 1v1.
The game is cool, but i think there is a problem with the casual select stage, mixed with the equipment. I try the map, but my equipment never help me. In some stages some equip are advantaged on other. I found a player that never engage and run in the maze of “heart” stage and just spam granade launcher. I play with a Railgun and the shotgun… so i can’t go closer that he run and spam. I don’t know, it will be possible to select the map in the future or equip during stage selection?

Except for this the location are really cool!
The movement are fluid and i never feel blocked, but with all the color of the stage, sometimes, i had some trouble to see where my enemy was.

The card system remember me the same system used in Paladins, i’m not conviced.

I hope for some changes!