Some threads in the old forums are not archived

I’ve been browsing the old forums, and some threads are not accessible anymore. Others are, but just the first page.
Are the inaccessible threads gone forever?

Not entirely. If you know how to poke it with the right kind of stick the Internet Archive can be helpful. The main issue being that links within posts are borked (eg need heavy editing to get to the right YouTube video) or simply non-existent. (A secondary issue is getting stuck in a loop where you keep going back to the snapshot of the locked oldforums which only go so deep on page views.)

Was there something specific you wanted to find?

I was digging to find my class concepts.
Found three of five in BL2, and one of three in TPS.
So sad to see all these threads gone.
I have no idea how to poke the Archive and find my threads.

So much for being able to link to the old forums as we were told.

The issue appears to be related to the scripts used on the old vBulletin site to navigate between threads, categories, and posts. Also some of those threads went pages deep. It looks like they used a version of the Internet Archive software to create the static archive we do have. Probably would have been a long and arduous process to get more than they did though. Agreed it’s sad that so much has gone missing, but it was not a trivial challenge and I don’t know how many folks they had free to work on it.