Some Toby talk!

Ok so I had a few thoughts about this guy recently

  1. How do you guys feel about the level 3 reveal scope over extra shields? I am not in love the reduced range from the zoom but I feel like it could be useful if you are locking a choke point down and minions and opponents get in the way of your line of sight. Also sounded amazing with the rail shot penetration helix.

  2. What affects Toby’s rail charge time? I swear to god it charged faster at times if I was behind my shield.

  3. What are ways you like to build Toby helix and gear wise? Currently I am running double hug and sybiotic gauntlet(400 damage per shield boosted rail!) abd a shard generator

  4. I love Toby! He has been crazy amounts of fun and if your opponent doesn’t dedicate a harasser for Toby he is insane! But my poor trigger finger… Whiskey doesn’t mess up my finger nearly as bad…


Depends on how often one expects to meet foes mano a mano - if Toby is ckeeping sniping distance it’s worth it as it allows team to see opponents moves through obstacles (doesn’t seem to work on Pendles though). Also it is much easier to spot an outlined target when behind barrier, and one gets very informative sound when it “locks”. Plus: “Heartpiercer”.

[quote=“skeksis_SYL, post:1, topic:1547629”]
2. What affects Toby’s rail charge time? I swear to god it charged faster at times if I was behind my shield.[/quote]
Read that nothing (except Helix ofc), maybe you had an illusion. Also: mind that his cannon is not only a chargeable rail gun, it’s also a pulse laser.

With DH I’d advise Stun mines ofc, obviously a Slow applied to Core Discharge and DMG buff when firing through Forcefield. The rest depends on actual prefences and conditions (speed up vs healing, shield melt vs bigger projectile, Selfdestruct vs mine AoE radius aso)
I personally like to buff and debuff stuff (ti Slow as Blackhole suck seems broken) so I pick bigger mines AoE and more forcefield HP (cuz Size don’t matter ;)).

Spam shots then instead charging, or learn to track blue indicator around crosshairs and that big bar next to it…

How is Toby’s gun if you just fire it repeatedly? I have always assumed that it was lower dps.

Will have to experiment a bit more with the reveal scope then. I am usually a mid liner with him to help capitalize on the stun mine so the lower zoom doesn’t seem to hurt me that much.

I swear SOMETHING affects Toby’s rail charge time. I noted 2 different speeds when charging it around my shield(maybe a bug of some sort?)

The finger thing is just from holding down the charge button too hard. I don’t have the muscle memory not to white knuckle it

The attack speed bonus for shield seems to increase the attack speed. Noticeably. But the standing idea is that bonus attack speed doesn’t make him charge faster. I’m in the same boat, very confused about the difference.

Yes that seems accurate! i wonder how intentional that is?

I know it says attack speed is increased when behind the shield but I was also under the assumption that he was unaffected by attack speed so idk. I noticed the same thing though

So the only way to test this would be to get a bunch of money in an empty match, level two I believe. And compare before attack speed gear to after. Wait on the helix even.

Might it have sonething to do with his scope? I am pretty sure that you can spam uncharged shots faster while looking through the scope. Maybe that affects the charging time as well.

Technically it’s about 85 DMG (1/4 of chaged shot’s 277 DMG at Lvl 01) per shot (with Forcefield 25% bonus applied). But it’s a purely contextual comparison as if charge shot will miss it’s 85 DMG vs 0 DMG. DPS itself would be similar - but again, purely cointextual ti provided that all 3-4 shots hit. And there are cases when one would rather spam regular shots just to hit something than wait for chaged one to…charge-up like when barraging agile targets out of Forcefield (they don’t discern charged from non-charged) or multicriting bot/merc/stripping shield of tank aso.

TOBY IS OP (talking about his damage) HIS DEMAGE ITS TOOOOO OP OP OP OP OP OP OP OP HUGE DEMAGE need a nerf normal attaks DAMAGE.
I know all will say: He is a easy target, its big (Do not tell me if you do not tell me I will not notice).
I do not want to be told me tactics or excuses simply its damage is OP and it’s over.
I just want an only answer: yes or not.

Well, let’s ask the magic conch:


There you have it, my good sir! Toby’s damage will NOT be getting lowered anytime soon!

Also, you MAY not have noticed, but this topic is nine months old…


Ah, residual trauma.


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