Some Tweaks i would like to get added.. :)

Hello there!

I really liked this game from the start and really want this to still be a good game for years to come but there are some tweaks i would like to implement if possible :slight_smile:

I compiled a list of the tweaks i would want to get/change in the game and yes i know some of these are kinda hard to change but it would be nice if it was possible!

-Give all manufacturers one more weapon type ( =More guns! :smiley: )

  • Dont know if they done this but make all unique quest-rewards have a chance to drop from the quest-boss

Mail system:
-Manufacturer mails should be separated per character. Mails from other players and Gearbox should be shared between characters.

Lost loot machine:
-Should be seperated per character… (I hardly use this anymore because its shared between characters and if its full of highlvl loot you will loose your low-level loot)

Make Cars more viable, they are way too squishy, especially the quest-required cars!

Veichle Skins:
-Should be treated as global skins just as other skins and heads (i dont want to hunt for these skins again on a different character!)

-Option to toggle how quests is tracked: 1: never change current quest in progress 2: change quest when acquired (this gets frustrating sometimes)
-If an optional quests is done the game should track the main quest for the area instead of Original
-Restart main quests and add-on main quest separately
-Button to skip dialog (Sometimes the dialog is just too long, you will get bored fast if you heard it already a couple of times)

Guardian Ranks:
-Option to disable Guardian ranks stats but not the skills (Sometimes i just want to use the skills but not the other stats…)

Character Unlocks:
-should be unlocked from the start when you finished the game first time
-Unlock Mod-slot, weapon-slots, eridian slot, eridian punch and eridian translator (This get very frustrating after a few playthroughs)
-When you finish the game first time you should get a another option “New Game+” with these unlocked when you start a new character
-Unlock everything maybe? so that all manufacturers can drop after claptraps shenanigans? :slight_smile:

Other people might have brought similar things up but these are just from my head right now…

Over n Out!

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What do you mean by that?

I would definitely like to worlddrop unique guns and start a character with finished main story

I dont know if Torgue, Atlas and other manufacturers are locked behind lvl-cap or story cap.

Give them a chance to drop from the first enemies you encounter after you get your first gun from claptrap :slight_smile:

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yes please, increase in damage would be great too. the side mission where you have to kill ppl by running them over is so tedious because of this oof

agree with the guardian rank part too!