Some UI/UX issues, esp maps

there are already some threads going around about the spinning map (UPDATE: here, here, and here), but i wanted to also mention a couple of other things.

i do want to reiterate though that the spinning map is a horrible user experience. the map is bad enough as it is for navigating multi-leveled environments like promethea, but to have it constantly reorient relative to the direction you’re facing is just bad design and bad wayfinding, with no benefit. and there isn’t a way to turn it off - only the minimap rotation.

which brings me to my second point: the minimap is very confusing, and often basically useless for finding things (eg some of the batteries in the killavolt quest). i have wasted a bit of time wandering around sanctuary trying to understand why a giant diamond suddenly appears and then disappears, and what the little triangle means - again, trying to navigate a multi-leveled environment. things marked as quest items in the maps aren’t highlighted in the world until you’re so close they’re impossible to miss - marking them from a bit farther off would help.

‘orbit view’ is not very useful - none of the sections is labeled in the map, so you have to either know which patch on the map is which, or just click on the section names until you end up where you want to go - and why can’t we click in the map on the globe itself?

then there’s tracking the quests themselves, which sometimes mention (in passing) which planet they’re on, sometimes not (eg healers and dealers) - this is pretty poor, considering the sheer number of places involved and the new complexity of navigating between areas of maps on a single planet, and between planets. remember when quests were grouped by area? that was much better than this. UPDATE: a related - and good - suggestion: let me change quests from the map.

ALSO: scrolling the main map is painfully gluggy and slow - why?

UPDATE: other related threads:

lastly, and this is something that’s bugged me about BL for a while now, is the fact that i have to constantly switch back and forth between my skill trees and looking at a class mod and trying to figure out whether i have points in any of the skills it augments (and this is worse of course for a mod you don’t have equipped, which is obviously all but one of them). it would be a far better experience if the mod highlighted any skills it boosts if you have points in them, whether it’s in your backpack or just lying on the ground.

i’m playing zane and i’m already at level 16 so i guess you could say i’m enjoying it overall, though it’s too early to say whether i’ll still be playing it, as i occasionally do BL1 and BL2, up to a decade later. still, it’s disappointing that after 7 years of thinking about how to improve the game this is the best they could do. UPDATE: hey i should say that i am definitely enjoying BL3 overall and i think a lot of it is great.


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