Some Very Interesting Discoveries Concerning Novas

So basically, I was screwing around and minmaxing left and right with Claptrap. I had already figured out that the Naught shield lets you constantly explode when being fired at while Element of Surprise is active.

So I got a level 1 Naught with all Tediore parts for low capacity:
64 capacity
9 recharge rate
0.00 delay

and through some trial and error, paired it with a level 10 MadTrap COM with
-64 shield capacity
+28% gun damage

Now you may notice that the capacity is the same as the penalty. When turning BA rank off, and not taking any shield increasing skills, you will have a Naught shield with 1 capacity.

Any damage you take with this while Element of Surprise is active will cause TWO novas for every tick of damage.

There’s More:

Pair it with any weapon with a Luneshine effect of “+3% shield capacity”, and you will create a nova whenever you switch to and from that weapon.

Pair it with any weapon with a Luneshine effect of “+3% capacity on kill”, and put only 1 point in Killbot, and you will emit 2-4 novas every time you kill an enemy with this weapon, because the drain and refill will completely drain and refill your Naught.

Proc all 4 status effects on yourself, and you will emit two novas for every tick of damage.

Take the You’re going to…LOVE ME!!! skill, and you will emit a Mega-Nova every 5 ticks of damage.

Equip the Oxidizer, and lighting yourself on fire will cause you to emit a fire nova, which will light other enemies on fire, which will cause them to emit a nova for the first tick of fire damage.

If the Oxidizer is equipped while a point is in Rainbow Coolant, all enemies hit by the nova will emit 5 fire novas each. Group them together with a singularity grenade so that everyone gets hit by every nova.

Putting a point in SWAB will cause you to emit 3 novas for every first shot.

While the Oxidizer is equipped, Marek’s Mouth will emit a nova for every tick of fire damage, but only if the bullets alternate cryo and fire, which is rare.

Equip the Boss Nova for more novas.

Good luck seeing anything.

For the most novas, I would suggest the following:
Any loadout with Element of Surprise and Rainbow Coolant
Level 1 Naught Shield All Tediore Parts
Level 10 Purple Madtrap with -64 capacity
Pussiant Cryophobia
Inferno'd Boss Nova
Marek's Mouth
(I edited in a Boomacorn to see how the all element shot would work. It was disappointing. A low level one will put all status effects on you if you shoot yourself, though, which is great if you don't care about gibbed.)
Meteoric Oxidizer
Cryo/Incendiary Singularity, or Four Seasons