Some way to transfer character whitout old gen?

I’m going crazy to get my old gen characters, but like many people I sold my old 360… My question is, is there anyway to transeferir these characters whitout old gen?? anyway, think it is possible to borrow a 360 to a friend and renting borderlands, think you can download the profile and to upload them to the cloud?

Really I am extremely grateful for this handsome collection but I am frustrated by the recovery of characters.


If you still have your save files on your PC / usb stick you can transfer the character over but you’ll need the old system with the game and latest patch installed.

You can borrow a system and rent the game, do it on a friends system (maybe you know somebody thst already has the game so you don’t even need to rent it), or alternatively ask an online friend you trust 100% for help (that’s what I did; since you’ll need to give your account details to that person however I ONLY suggest this if you do it with a really good friend).