Some weapons aren't shiny in the remastered version.

This is especially noticeable with weapons that have “Crimson” prefix, and all blue Vladof weapons (The gold and white look). Both games are set to High. Here are the videos of what I mean:

ORIGINAL version:


Is there something I need to change in the settings, or are the graphics like that in the remaster?

It depends a bit on which platform you are playing - is it PC/XB1X/PS4Pro or base XB1/PS4? The former have the HDR/4K textures. If your screen isn’t up to displaying HDR graphics it might look odd. I think if you poke around the tech support sections you may find other bits of information on this as well.

It’s the PC version and my monitor support HDR. I looked through the tech support section and… well… I haven’t found what I was looking for. What now?

Not sure other than filing a support ticket with GBX/2K.

I know there were some issues with weapon textures on the 4K/HDR version of BL2 when it released, but I didn’t really follow those threads. It’s possible that something similar it going on here - maybe they textures aren’t fully downloaded/installed? I was also under the impression that you should have been able to turn those on/off for certain platforms, but again this isn’t something I’m up on.

Honestly, this is one of the three big reasons why I stopped playing the remaster.

I’m on PC too, but I haven’t seen any screenshots across any platform that displays Crimson or any other metallic material properly.


Hey, did you notice how the colors are washed out a little bit in the remaster? I noticed it just now. Go to Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\Config\WillowEngine.ini and find “UseLegacyDesaturation=True”. Change that to False. It slightly improves the look of the gun.

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I haven’t played remaster, but I’m curious what are two other reasons?

  1. The new Legendaries for one, you see them all the time and they’re like unique guns. Uniques if every part was locked. I think they droppped at Lv69 too, so as soon as you get one of each type you’re just done farming for them forever. Craw drops 3-5 per kill, it’s just a drag to get flooded with these things all the time when you’re already bored with them.

  2. Other thing are these new multiplayer bugs. I don’t know the full list but it seems like it’s mostly DLC3 gear, the Loyalty COMs and Chopper are what I’ve seen. If you join a friend’s game you can have these items in your backpack no problem. But as soon as you equip them or drop them into the world they either disappear or morph into a different item.

For example, if I drop a Lv67 TCH 440 Chopper out of my backpack it’ll change into
a Lv0 TCH 440 generic machine gun. No material. No Chopper accessory.

Stouty lost one of his perfect Specialist COMs when he joined me with it equipped. Can’t coop with certain items, the game just nukes them.

I think the Remaster is great for playing through the campaign for the first time, I’ve been saying that for awhile. Minibosses(Nine Toes, Roid Rage, etc.) drop purple gear 80% of the time and you end up with some quality stuff pretty quick, it’s exciting. Gameplay feels better, you notice that bullets phase through enemies in the original when they don’t in the remaster. FoV slider is nice, it’s prettier, yadda yadda yadda. The problems hit when you start end-game farming.

Can’t say I have man, I usually take a long time to notice things like that.


It’s beter to stick to the original game, especialy if you are on PC…
screw those new leg’s and fixed ones, all skins ( guns and shields ) are looking beter in original game!

I’m still bitter that they didn’t give Lilith a new legendary SMG.
Not that a high fire rate Stinger isn’t fantastic, but still.

And for me the addition of the minimap made a big difference in play style.